Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How come?

The Dresser Scarf/shawl - three balls down, three more to go. This is a rather boring 10 row repeat pattern, but nevertheless you have to pay attention or you'll forget a YO and you'll notice only later (speaketh from experience). I'm looking forward to finishing this one! But I do love the color!

Also Mason Dixon inspired (nice book with simple projects) is this Log Cabin blanket, or the beginninng of it. It's made of yarn from my stash, so there are limited numbers of colors. I love the grey with the speckles in it. Unfortunately it's discontinued (Dale of Norway, Sisik). It's the softest yarn I have worked with so far. This is a fun project and I use it as my in-between-relaxation work. Not much thinking involved. So as not to get too boring I included rows of eylets and one black row so far. As i said, it's fun.

For no reason AT ALL (I didn't do anything to fix it yet), the PC took the pictures which it scorned yesterday! Well, be thankful and go on with it. Here they are:

The Mason Dixon inspired hand towel made with Euroflax Athens color "Moss Lake". I ran out of yarn last night but ordered another hank already. I made it wider (as in the Mason Dixon book) and used a pattern from Barbara Walkers Book, which I love for this project. It's wavey. I can only hope this yarn gets softer with washing and drying and ironing, because right now a man could wipe his face and NOT have to shave afterwards!


Stuntmother said...

I love your log cabin blanket. I am working on one as well, but I like yours more... or maybe that's because it's not sitting on my couch demanding that I knit it. (KNIT ME!) Did you hear that? It's a demanding little baby blanket.

Abigale said...

Beautiful work! I received the Mason Dixon book last week, Of course I had to cast on for a lot cabin bedspread (what was I thinking!?!?) It's not going very quickly (of course I'm doing it with 3.75mm needles) but I've got 2+ squares done so far. This project is going to take much perserverence and bloodymindedness on my part! Or it could just be a nice baby blanket. LOL