Friday, April 14, 2006

Knitting in between.

After spring cleaning today, I had time to continue knitting on my Baby Blanket. I got so bored, I wanted to poke my eye out. So, I decided to put the BB down and try something new. Lace knitting! I have had my eye on that for some time now. I brought some books home from the Library and was in awe! I'll never be able to make these blanket sized triangular shawls. I've got some Peruvian Highland Silk on hand (more wool- less silk), which I use to make a lace scarf. It's not especially lacy but for the first time it'll do. I like the color. It's Ruby Red, you'll see. It's rainy and dreary outside, so no pictures yet. After that I'm sure I can finish the BB. It's just 2 rows of squares (18 squares) left to do and of course the border.

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