Friday, January 06, 2012

Handspun Friday - Mixed Blessing September 2011

It's January, and we have barely any snow. The temperatures jump from -17C one day, to -1C, the other, and +5C the next. It's simply getting on my nerves.

Since I've not spun anything since the first days of December, I've decided to make January a month, where I spin more, knit less. Well, it's not quite working out that way. December 31, I've been asked to do a test knit, which I could not refuse. I had also cast on for a shawl, and a cowl, so now I have three WIP's with a possible test knit coming up this weekend.

I did however spin 12oz of variegated BFL so far, and I'm going to ply it today. So I feel quite good about it all right now.

Doesn't this sheep look longingly outside, thinking of it's home, back in Australia? I've got this from DD Hannah for Christmas. She found it in an Antique shop in Sydney. It's on my desk now, staring at me with it's beady eyes. No, not creepy, but cute!
genuine Australian sheep-gift from Hannah

Today's handspun yarn has been finished for some time now. It was a club offering from FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings Fiber Club September 2011: 2.5oz each on BFL

FatCatKnits Fiber Club September 2011- BFL-5oz

yarn: chain plied, blue colorway is 208yds

FCK MB fiber club September 2011-BFL-2.5oz each-chain plied

orange colorway: 190yds
FCK MB fiber club September 2011-BFL-2.5oz each-chain plied
Both are still in my stash, no clue yet, what I'll knit with it.

The other day, when it was really cold, and I was spinning in the basement, Denny snuggled up to a warm body on the sofa to take a nap. He was a little distracted by Maggie, who was running around, playing with toys, and circling the sofa.
Denny taking a nap Jan. 3

She was also trying to stare me down, into picking up the ball and throw it for her. Of course that didn't happen, since I was spinning, and then holding the camera. She soon moved on and played by herself. She's good at that.
Maggie Jan. 3

All the while Happy did, what he always does, as soon as I sit down at the wheel. Sleeping. The sunshine didn't give off any warmth that day, but the illusion of it was there. I love this picture, because when you see it close up and enlarged, you can see Happy's beautiful brown eye.

Happy Jan.

Anyway, I'd get better back to my test knit, so that I can move on with my own knitting soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!



2paw said...

I think whether you want to or not, knitting will find you!! Lovely spinning as always and such a cute little sheep. Oh Maggie is just so beautiful and I love that she eventually trots of to play by herself. Denny Looks very snuggled up and yes, Happy looks very handsome and I did look at his beautiful eye. Happy knitting!!

BryndĂ­s said...

Happy new year to you :) I like the little sheep there and your spun yarn is also beautiful. I have not touched my spinning wheel since october but soon I will have time to spin :) And the weather, its almost like you are talking about the weather here in Reykjavik ;)

lexa said...

The weather here is that way, too, but not so cold (yet!). Today is -5C or and sun, tomorrow it's supposed to be +5C.

Love your little sheep!

hakucho said...

outcLove your sheep. Very unusual :)

adriene said...

That wee sheep makes me smile... as do all your pups! I should join a fibre club this year. All your goodies are so enticing!

Mr. Puffy said...

I love the little wooly lamb that Hannah found for you! Perfect to keep you company as you spin :)

I see what you mean about Happy's eyes. They have a warm soft look ~ because Happy is a warm hearted little guy!

Stadtwaldvogel said...

I love that sheep! Your handspun yarn is gorgeous like always. Have a good Sunday! Yours, Julia

Anonymous said...

I swear I should just have you pick out my roving colors. They are always so amazingly delish! Beautiful yarn and I love your little sheep :)

Alexandra said...

The little sheep is so cute! :) And the yarn looks amazing!