Thursday, November 03, 2011

Handspun Friday - Gin Fizz I & Buttonwillow

fiber: Corgi Hill Farm: Humbug BFL/Tussah 5oz, colorway Gin Fizz I
yarn: 2-ly, 460yds

Corgi Hill Farm-BFL-Tussah-85-15 Humbug - Gin Fizz-5.4oz

Corgi Hill Farm-Gin Fizz-BFL-Tussah-4oz-2ply-460yds

Corgi Hill Farm-Gin Fizz-BFL-Tussah-4oz-2ply-460yds

Corgi Hill Farm-Gin Fizz-BFL-Tussah-4oz-2ply-460yds
This yarn turned into my second Buttonwillow warp. From the start I wanted to knit it in handspun yarn. I was not sure I had enough yarn, because the pattern called for 480yds/sportweight yarn, and I only had 460yds. As it turns out, I had about 1 yard leftover! The blocked size is 20" x 76".

handspun Buttonwillow wrap II

handspun Buttonwillow wrap II

handspun Buttonwillow wrap II

handspun Buttonwillow wrap II

While I'm spinning:
while I'm spinning

as soon as I stop, a head goes up:
never let the wheel stop

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



Bea said...

Deine handgesponnenen Garne sind immer sooo schön gleichmäßig, echt bewundernswert.
Das Tuch ist ja riesig!

Grüßle, die Bea

Ann said...

How beautiful!
Both the yarn and the shawl.

Diana said...

Gorgeous in this colorway :-)) I think this pattern is perfect for yarn with color changes :-))

LaurieM said...

It's breath taking!!! LOVE IT.

Oh my, I'm just plotzing over here. How do you do it?

shortoldlady said...

Your shawl is beautiful - the yarn has such lovely colors throughout. Love the spinning picture - everyone is so comfortable. Guess you can't stop spinning!

Robin said...


Michelle said...

I think one of those pups wants a belly rub! Beautiful yarn. Looks great in that shawl!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

What a difference the yarn does to the look of Buttonwillow! Both are lovely, but have such a different style.

Beverly said...

Gorgeous! I love both of your versions.

2paw said...

That's amazing, I love the way the colours delineate each section of the shawl.
I don't know how you would ever get any work done without the assistance of the three dogs!!!

illusions said...

Wow, is all I can manage. Beautiful lace and lovely palette.

Pat said...

SOOOO beautiful!! You are making me want to knit another handspun shawl :)

Virginia said...

That shawl is amazing!

I am in awe of your gorgeous work. And you're totally making me want to learn to spin.

Anonymous said...

Shawl is beautiful!!!

knottygnome said...

so beautiful! i love the colors.

Maryse said...

Wow! You knit beautifully! And you obviously have great yarn taste ;-) Beautiful blog!