Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breathe Deep!

As promised here're more details about my Breathe Deep mittens.
Breathe Deep mittens by Kirsten Kapur

I've been wanting to knit them for a while now. I think it's a lovely design, and I will be making at least one other pair. Knit with worsted weight yarn, they are a fast knit too.

Breathe Deep mittens by Kirsten Kapur

Breathe Deep mittens by Kirsten Kapur

pattern: Breathe Deep by Kirsten Kapur
yarn: Peruvian Collection Highland Wool, 2 balls
needles: 4mm
size: s/m

And on doggy news: Maggie has discovered the toy bin, and that she can get stuff out of there! Took her long enough. For the longest time she watched the boys doing it, and then suddenly, one night, she dug in.

Maggie searching for toys in the big blue bin-2

She's the worst too! She does not rest until the bin is almost empty, and the floor is a mine field of toys, where you don't know were to step next. But it's such a pleasure to see her busying herself.

Maggie searching for toys in the big blue bin-1

Just the other night, she brought me a tennis ball, and threw it in front of my feet, barking, to tell me she's ready to play now. I wasn't. So I picked up the ball, and put it on my desk, ignoring her. She looked at me with her head tilted, barked at me once, and thought some more, then turned and dug out another ball. Rinse and repeat. I had to laugh silently, and was wondering for how long she would keep it up. In the end, I had six balls on my desk, before this little game was over. She was really frustrated that I didn't throw the ball for her, but really, I'm already slave to my dogs, I want to play with them, when I want. They are sneaky that way! Before you know it, you are engaged into play with any of them, whether you want it or not. :o)



Anonymous said...

At least your dogs want to fetch; my retrievers go get the ball and then play with it by themselves. And I love the mittens! I've been browsing mitten patterns for the coming coldness, and those look great.

JoAnn said...

New to your blog, and I have to say, I enjoy seeing and hearing about your dogs. As a dog owner also, I understand fully.

LOVE the mittens! Looks like a fun and easy pattern. Thanks for sharing.

CelticCastOn said...

lol she figures it works with the boys so why not with her :)
Love the mitts!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Clever clever Maggie.
Beautiful mittens, beanie, spinning. Haven't commented for a while but always enjoying your shenanigans.

2paw said...

They are lovely mittens, I love the pattern of the wavy loops!!
Miss Maggie is so clever and so sweet. She's obviously been sussing out the Toy box. Gilly has started to do little woofs when she can't get my attention or her own way: those pups are rummuns!! You could not be a slave to three nicer and wonderful dogs!!

Walden said...

Lovely mittens!

I agree with the playing whether you realize it or not! :)

hakucho said...

Love those mittens...they are awesome :)

Virginia said...

Hah. Maggie sounds like a joy. :)

LOVE these stories.

And I'm starting become a huge fan of Kristen Kapur patterns.

illusions said...

Way to go Maggie! Way to go!