Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So, what about Maggie

O.K. as I mentioned before, she'll live. What happened was, that Maggie was chasing after Denny, and he's had to work hard to stay ahead. They came zipping down from the upper part of our back yard, when Maggie was too fast to go around the pool steps, and thought she could clear it, lengthwise, with one leap. Not! She almost made it, but as the following skid marks show, she had a bad landing.
Poor baby!
poor Maggie Baby

Here you see tiny hairs from her front leg, hind leg, and from the underside of her jaw. That's were we found her wounds. We were sure she's broken something or other, crushed her rib cage, it looked horrible.

Maggie's skid marks

I know they are hard to see, but they are so tiny! We held our breath, and I had one hand in front of my mouth, my heart dropped, and I felt faint. Maggie though, just collected herself, and continued on, on her hunt for Denny. We watched her for the rest of the day, for limping etc. but she didn't seem worse for wear. Thank goodness!

Next day, I found Happy licking HER wounds, and she was just relaxing, letting him. Denny was licking her ears.

Maggie's skid marks

Well, and I wanted to take pictures of these blooming bushes (once again, no clue what they are called), but Denny thought it needed some pup in the picture to be interesting.

June 21

I always thought those bushes are nothing special, until I took this close up today. Wow, what a beauty! Looks like there are silver beads at the ends, so pretty.

June 21

And the other day, these two ducks landed in the pool, just to hop out of it right away, and waddled under the trees, to take a long nap.
June 21

They stayed there for more than a couple of hours. I didn't let the dogs out, when I saw them, didn't want to scare them. I thought they deserved a safe, nice nap.
ducks under the trees
I also found out, that we have baby bunnies in one of our high flower beds again. I was watering them, when two tiny ones took off, scared from the ice cold water. Even with three dogs, the bunnies still love to come into our backyard. At least it's not skunks!


After I saw Claudia's beautiful presentation of the Rustic Raspberry Tart, I had to get the recipe and give it a try. There's a lot of room for improvement though. I haven't done this kind of dough in a while, and I used fresh raspberries, and after the dough was all golden brown, the berries were still very watery. I still could hardly wait to cut a piece and dig in. Wow, those fruits were sour, I'm still puckering my mouth, just thinking of it. Would have been nice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but there wasn't any in my freezer. How about that?!

Raspberry Tart

Well, that's it for today. :o)



ikki said...

Poor Maggie, give a lot of hugs from me to her.
And that photo of Denny is lovely. He is so cute.

with love ikki

Virginia said...

Poor Maggie! I'm glad she's ok though.

Love the ducks. :)

Kathy... said...

Ohhhh.... Poor Maggie! I am so glad she is ok. Perhaps a little more careful???

The flowers are breathtaking! Such a gorgeous blossom. And Denny was correct - his face was a perfect addition to the photo!

momsue84 said...

Poor Maggie! What a scare! So glad she is ok. How sweet that Happy and Denny were taking such good care of her. Just like you, I love the animals that come to share our yard. Bunnies, deer, etc. And lots of birds. Yum, yum on the raspberry tort.

TracyKM said...

Spirea :) Very common bush here as it's pretty tolerant. Our puppy chewed one of the two we have and it's coming back, a little mishapen, LOL.
Poor Maggie!

Toby said...

Oh my gosh! I bet that was horrible to witness. I don't know what's worse - wondering how a pet has hurt himself/herself or seeing it happen. Glad to hear she's okay.

Susan said...

Maggie is just making sure to keep you on your toes. So glad that she's okay and the boys are taking care of her!

I think the bush is a spirea. Spirea are hardy plants and grow almost anywhere. The blooms are lovely.

Did the ducks poop in your pool? I had ducklings in my classroom one year. They are incredibly cute and charming. I loved when they hit duck puberty and their voiced broke. Peep, peep, qua-ack, peep! I learned that ducks poop all the time and it's sloppy. I hope your pool didn't take a hit.

Rhonda said...

Maggie is such a trooper. Thank goodness she's okay. Don't worry, there'll be more days like this.
Raspberry's are my favorite. I have a ton of buds on my bushes for jam this year.

lexa said...

Poor Maggie! Ducks and bunnies, too cool!

Michelle said...

It's amazing how easy it is for our pets to scare us! Glad she ended up alright.

Beverly said...

At least you know she's a hardy girl and can hang with the boys.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Dear little Maggie has a wonderful spirit and is a trooper!!!! So sweet to hear Denny was licking her ears and she was being loved by both of them :) All's well that ends well.

Your tart looks yummy! FYI if you find your dough/crust is browning too quickly and the berries are not yet bubbling I place a sheet of aluminum foil over the tart/pie to prevent any additional browning. I think I may have had to cook mine an extra 10 minute or so to get the berries bubbling and I did cover with foil to prevent over-browning. I used fresh berries too but they are "in season" down here and sweet already.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Poor Maggie - that's so scary. It's nice that the boys take care of her though.
The ducks are so cute!

Sharon V said...

Thank goodness Maggie is OK! Whew! That would have stopped my heart too!

Your pastry looks yummy, but if you're still puckered up, you might want to consider getting the vanilla ice cream sooner than later.

Sharon V said...

Thank goodness Maggie is OK! Whew! That would have stopped my heart too!

Your pastry looks yummy, but if you're still puckered up, you might want to consider getting the vanilla ice cream sooner than later.

Linda said...

Dear Monika,
I love reading your posts, for the stories, for the weather and dog news and for the beautiful dark grey/light grey contrast in the latest Kristen Kapur shawl. Your lavishly illustrated blog is a delight to follow.

Anonymous said...

Poor Maggie, but so lovely to hear about the other two comforting her. So sweet, unlike the tart, which at least looks beautiful.

As for the bush, it's a spirea, likely Little Princess.


SusiKnitchicks said...

Arme Maggie, knuddel Sie mal von mir.

Deine Garne und Strickereien sind wieder genial - wie immer.

LG Susi

Carrie K said...

Oh wow! I'm glad to hear Maggie is okay, but what a scare! And how cute of her big brothers to doctor her.

hakucho said...

Glad Maggie is OK. Awesome tart :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Maggie! I'm so glad she's okay.

2paw said...

Oh thank goodness Maggie is OK, she took a bad tumble, but she is very resilient. Happy and Denny are good and kind brothers!! Nice duckies, I could not let my girls out, they would chase them away!!