Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cerasifera shawl

I finally can show you Kirsten Kapur's newest shawl design. Cerasifera shawl, which I was lucky enough to test knit for her, was released yesterday.

Cerasifers shawl

Cerasifers shawl

I loved the main part with the mesh stitch pattern. But first I had to get some addi lace circs in the right size. The ones I had before where too blunt, and a pain to work with.

Cerasifers shawl

The yarn is 50/50 merino/silk, and has a wonderful drape. I love the feel of it, when I have this shawl in my hands.

Cerasifers shawl

There's Maggie whizzing by in the back ground. That girl is always on the move.

Cerasifers shawl
Since this is a rather small shawl, I'm going to use it as a scarf. (it might go to Hannah though, she likes my grey shawls, and I'm going to let her pick and chose one).

Cerasifers shawl

Kirsten's patterns are always so very well written, and easy to follow.

Cerasifers shawl

pattern: Cerasifera shawl by Kirsten Kapur
yarn: Wandering Cat Yarns Slinky Cat , I used 1.08 skeins = 469.8yds. (unfortunately the shop is closed right now, until Canada Post strike/lockout is resolved)
needles: 4.5mm addi lace circs (very much needed for this shawl)
size after blocking: 23" x 54"
start-finish: May 31 - June 4, 2011

And just a little fact about the pups. They made me laugh again this morning. With three dogs, it happens that the water bowl gets dry from time to time. Once that happens, instinct kicks in, and Denny (or Maggie, not Happy so far) dig in the bowl for water. While I was filling it up again, I saw Maggie digging at the spot where the bowl usually stands. Maybe Denny had it wrong, and the right spot is under the bowl?
Next time I'll tell you about Maggie's accident yesterday, I want to show you something, but don't have the photo on this computer yet. Let's just say, she'll live, but she scared the hell out of us.



Sandra - Tricoemaistrico said...

Beautiful Monika!

adriene said...

Looks like you can get a decent-sized shawl with a smaller amount of yarn with that pattern. Lovely yarn choice, too!

mamanluisa said...

complimenti uno scialle molto bello, ciao e buona giornata

momsue84 said...

Beautiful Shawl! I have it in my basket on Rav. I, too, love her designs. I'm almost afraid to see pics of the accident. Sounds scary!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The grey is so classy. Love it! Slinky is definitely one of my fav shawl yarns.

Word is, mail could be back up an running on Thursday!

Michele said...

Beautiful work - stunning shawl. Where would we be without our dogs? Glad she's okay.

Mr. Puffy said...

That sounds serious!!! I'm glad she's going to be okay and curious what happened. It's amazing how anyone survives with all the accidents lurking waiting to happen.

Your new shawl is so very elegant. I keep meaning to try one of her patterns and I'm more encourages than ever that you find them easy to follow. Hope you (or Hannah) enjoys this shawl in good health :)))

Sharon V said...

Hopefully Maggie is OK and you were more shook up than she was hurt.

Your shawl is lovely (as usual) and your DD is going to have a hard time making a choice.

Mary Beth said...

OMG that is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it

Jemajo said...

Pure elegance!

2paw said...

It's a gorgeous shawl and looks very luxurious. We have digging in water bowls here, but Maggie is clever to know there is water under the ground. Oh now I am going to have to skip ahead to see what has happened...