Friday, June 17, 2011

Handspun Friday - Time Lord

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Just the right temperatures. Of course the dogs enjoyed a swim or two. Denny destroyed another floating toy, and Maggie got some swimming lessons. First we had to put the boys inside. I had to put a collar on her, so I could grab her. I picked her up, and put her in my son's arms, who was waiting in the pool. She did not struggle at first. I must say, she's not a natural swimmer. She pawed the water in panic, and ALWAYS went for the edge, instead of the stairs. We tried it three times, she can swim, but does not enjoy it so far. Anyway, we'll try again another day. She obviously had had enough for the day.

After everybody got good and wet, we go upstairs to sit on the deck for a while to get dry. It can get pretty hot up there.

I had to go back down to get something, and when I returned, Denny made some god awful noise, as if I'd been away for a week. I wish you could hear him, it's embarrassing sometimes, the way he yaps on, and on.

I'm not spinning as much these days, but sure would love to do more. I still get things done, although at a slower pace.

This is Time Lord, a Southern Cross Fiber May 2011 Fiber club offering. It's oatmeal BFL.

SCF-May 2011 Fiber Club-Oatmeal BFL-Time Lord

SCF-May 2011 Fiber Club-Oatmeal BFL-Time Lord-chain plied-314yds

SCF-May 2011 Fiber Club-Oatmeal BFL-Time Lord-chain plied-314yds

SCF-May 2011 Fiber Club-Oatmeal BFL-Time Lord-chain plied-314yds

I chain plied it, and got 314yds.
I'm working on the second colorway right now. This should make some nice socks some day.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

Pooltime and spinning... sounds like mavelous times. Your time lord yarn looks absolutely gorgeous!

AdrieneJ said...

That yarn looks beautiful, but this time it was the photo of the roving that made me look twice this time. What an interesting texture!

Rhonda said...

You gotta love it when the dogs have so much fun. That handspun is to die for. I love it.

Susan said...

Oh, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful handspun!!

There are times I wish we had a pool but it's raining so hard today that we have several of them on the lawn. I'm thinking about building an ark.

Catherine said...

I am so impressed at how beautifully even your spinning and plying is. How ever do you do it??

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing pictures of your pups. Especially swimming pics!

Anonymous said...

ooh that yarn is gorgeous! I can hardly wait to see the socks.....

April said...

Such beautiful yarn. It just looks fun and squooshy.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

I like your new handspun yarn although it reminds me of autumn and winter. But the colors are lovely nontheless.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Yours, Julia

Unknown said...

It always amazes me on handspun Friday that the fiber could look kind of 'blah' but the yarn turns out to be something quite beautiful. Great job!

Ilix said...

I love the pictures of your gorgeous dogs! Honestly the spinning stopped me, the colours are fantastic plied!

Tina said...

sounds like you are having a great time! Love the yarn, too!

2paw said...

That looks like a lot of fun on a hot day and when I see all three together is is clear that Maggie has a lot of growing to do. I am glad she is having a go at swimming!! Vundy The German Shepherd was just like that too!! Oh, Denny loves you!!
The Time Lord is very nice, is it Doctor Who Time Lord????