Monday, May 23, 2011

Vagabond mittens

April 29

Friday's Vet appointment went very well. Last time Happy had to go, he went with my son, and he put up a fuss, but this time, both he and Denny behaved very well, and I was proud of them.

Happy was done first, and got to go and wait in the car (with my son, and the A/C on full blast). It was so hot in the Vet's offices, it was very uncomfortable. Denny panted like a train, not just from excitement. We had to wait a little, before it was his turn, and he was so excited to meet and greet everybody who came in.

When it was his turn, he wagged his tail, and let himself be examined from head to toes. The Vet was astonished, that he melted like ice cream, and lay on his back, exposing his belly for a nice rub. I was just glad he was not grumpy that day, or maybe he's just grumpy with us. After he was done, we realized that Happy was due a shot as well, so I exchanged the two.
He was just his lovely self, no problems at all. He was just a little spooked, when a little, old Pug sniffed his legs. Why is it that our dogs act like elephants, and mice, when they see smaller animals?
By the way, Maggie weighs 25kg right now, and Denny weighs 27kg, Happy weighs 35kg. She is slightly taller than Denny, and still growing. The Vet said, Denny should loose a little weight, he is on the chunky side. Maybe now, with the option to cool off, he will like to run a little more.

After we got home, they ran into the pool to cool off. Well deserved relaxation. Maggie was happy to see us as well, and they played until everybody was too tired.


Back in April I have knit these fingerless mittens. They are called Vagabond fingerless mitts by Misa Erder.

Vagabond fingerless mittens made with left over yarn

I used some left over Wandering Cat Yarns from three different shawls.

Vagabond fingerless mittens made with left over yarn

I really like this pattern, and want to knit more of them. Best of all, they fit my hands very well, without having to make modifications.

Vagabond fingerless mittens made with left over yarn

It's Victoria Day today, so the weekend is not over yet. Saturday was a hot day, and we discovered that our A/C is not working. I don't know how anybody can get through the summer without one. Service guy was called and an appointment booked asap. Summer is not my favorite time of year.

This weekend was also one for fireworks, but all our pups took it lightly. It was always hard to watch how Sam was afraid of all that noise, and there was nothing I could do about it.



momsue84 said...

Beautiful mitts! Adorable pups! Successful trip to the vet! Swimming pool open and inviting! Now just get the A/C fixed. I agree. Summer is not my favorite time of the year, either. We have yet to see it. It's still snowing in the mountains, and our snow pack, at 150% of normal, hasn't started to melt, yet. I think I'll go knit!

2paw said...

So glad the visit to the vet went so well. Denny is such a softy, is it carrots and celery for him now??? Little dogs are very scary when you are a big dog!! maggie has grown so much, she still looks little next to Happy though.
What an excellent way to use up the ends of shawls. I would never have guessed, they look perfectly matched and so lovely!! A bonus that they fit too.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Those fingerless gloves are BEAUTIFUL! I love them!

illusions said...

I am on the "junky" side too! :-D My sympathies with Denny, why all the good things in the world makes us put on weight? Oh, why? LOL! Just loved the gloves.

craftivore said...

That is one very spunky looking doggie. On the junky side? Like some junk in the trunk?

Your mitts turned out beautifully, wonderful job!

Virginia said...

The mitts are lovely! And I'm really glad the pups are ok.

We haven't had to turn on the AC yet here... lucky thus far.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Denny is so handsome. Those spotted paws kill me every time!

Love the mitts!

Carrie#K said...

Denny behaved! Excellent.

Those mitts are pretty. I love the thumb gusset and the pattern on the back of the hand, stripes on the palm. Best of all, the fit without modifications.

adriene said...

My own pup is frightened by fireworks and thunder, but he deals with them much better than he used to.

What a beautiful colour combo. It's so cool to see what other people do with colours, because I'm not nearly as imaginative at combining them. Nice!

Michelle said...

I'm not at all surprised that Denny would roll over for the vet. Your vagabonds look great! I definitely knit to knit those again sometime.

Sharon V said...

Lovely mitts, I love the colors you chose.

How is it you're having summer and here in New York we're still wearing jackets and scarves?! It's been raining for 2 weeks! Send some sunshine!

cauchy09 said...

those mitts are quite beautiful! good to hear that Denny is nicer now.

Friederike Shepherd said...

The most beautiful mitts EVER!!!
I'm sooo in love with Denny, Happy and Maggie. Funny how little things can frighten them. It would be interesting to see/percieve the world through a dogs eyes for a day.
Gruesze aus Indiana.

hakucho said...

Charming the color work :)