Friday, September 03, 2010

Handspun Friday - Tomato and Aqua

This spring I dyed a few bumps of Norwegian fiber. This was one of them. Tomato & Aqua mainly. I love this color combo. I wanted to make sock yarn with it. Norwegian fiber is rough, but it will do for socks. My feet can take it.
Norwegian-4oz-dyed by me

It turned into over twisted navajo plied yarn. Looked at the cute curls on top! Well, over twisted yarn is hard yarn, rope like, even if it's fingering weight rope. I still wanted to knit socks with the yarn. (~ 243yds)
Aqua and Tomato cw- 114g-243yds-navajo plied-2

Since I thought 243yds would not give me a pair of socks for my size 11 feet, I made them toe up, and thought lets knit until I run out of yarn. I divided the yarn into two balls (with a scale). As I was sure I had not enough yarn, I looked for something in my stash for the cuffs and heels. I found some Regia sock yarn. I think it turned out O.K.
Aqua and Tomato cw- 114g-243yds-navajo plied-finished socks
Here they are, toe up socks, with afterthought heels. It's a good example for over twisted yarn. See how the stitches slant to one side? I do love how the yarn striped however. I was surprised that I got full sized socks in the end. I don't really like anklets, so I was pleased.
August 17-the boys
Meanwhile, we bought an electric nail trimmer. They boys are spooked when I turn it on. Neither one wants to let me near their feet with it. I turn it on several times a day, playing with it on the floor, letting them sniff it. Happy wanted to grab it and run away with it, even turned on. Denny just keeps his distance and barks at it. Hm.
The renos: The tile floor in the hallway, kitchen, powder room, and laundry room is done, and I love it! It's exactly like I wanted it. Some rooms are finished painting, and some still are waiting for the last coat to be applied. The upstairs rooms got some very light gray, almost white, but not quite. The hallway got another shade of gray, and the kitchen, dining room, and my crafts room/living room got all the same shade of green.
First time around the green was not right (Jelly bean green), but the shade we got now is perfect. Pictures once everything looks nicer. It's still all a construction site right now. Today the electrician was hard at work. Only he installed the wrong pot lights. Too bad, but he'll have to remove them and put the right ones in. But the new lights in all the rooms are installed, just need the right size of light bulbs.
Anyway, coming Tuesday the kitchen cabinets will be installed. I'm sooooo looking forward to that! We've got the appliances delivered, which are now waiting in the garage. We'll be getting the laundry room done before the weekend as well! Big YEAH!
Have a wonderful weekend! It's a long one for us in Canada!


ECarey said...

Fabulous socks!!!! I love that color way so much.

Anonymous said...

i luuurve those socks.

cute doggy pic too.

2paw said...

They are beautiful socks, love the colours too!! My word, I don't think I could live with jelly bean green. Sounds like there is a bit of movement at the station with the contractor!!
Oh, Happy is so brave and I love his ears. Denny is such a pup!!

Virginia said...

The fiber, yarn and socks are awesome. My daughter was hanging over my shoulder this morning looking at your pictures and it totally blew her mind that you can spin fiber into yarn and then knit with it. she did not believe me that it all came from the same wool.

Thanks for the educational opportunity this morn!

Also, glad the reno is coming along and that you're loving it. That's awesome. :)

CelticCastOn said...

love these socks! Striped handspun crrrazy!
Glad the reno's are winding down, will be great to see it all done.

knottygnome said...

those are awesome socks! i love that color combo. i think Norwegian is one of the fibers for the CMF club and now i know what to do with it. thanks!

RC said...

WOW! love the yarn and socks, they look prefect!
we thought about the nail filer, but knew my nutjobs would never put up with the noise ;(

Toby said...

Those socks are great! I have to admit, when I saw the fiber I was thinking the colors could blend in a disastrous way when spun up.

Can't wait to see your green walls. As you may have noticed, my house has too much beige - I need to add a lot of color with accessories.

Susi said...

Die Socken sind toll. Ich müsste mich auch mal an Toe Ups versuchen. Die Jungs sind wieder göttlich. Wird Denny eigentlich noch grösser, oder bleibt er so?

LG Susi und die Fellbande

Frualbertsson said...

Lovely socks, the colors is beautiful!

Walden said...

Nice socks! The Regia worked well with the handspun!

Sharon V said...

I love your socks! Every time I tell myself that I'm going to spin for socks, the yarn comes out worsted weight and never suitable for socks. Drats!

If your pups won't let the vet clip their nails, and they're afraid of the electric trimmer, then maybe you should try an emery board. :) Otherwise you're out of options.

Rhonda said...

I can't wait to see the reno pictures. I'd love a new kitchen too.

SockPixie said...

I love, love, love the socks. My favorite color combo!

Pat said...

Great way to stretch that beautiful yarn to the max - pretty pretty socks!
I just got some Welsh fiber -yikes that is some scratchy stuff - more than Norwegian. I doubt I could even wear socks - maybe something lined?

hakucho said...

Love how your socks turned out! Very plain and simple, but with your awesome hand-spun yarn...perfect!

happy knitting:)

Laura said...

I love the socks!!! Beautiful colorway & the matching yarn sets them off perfect! Another great knit from Smoking Hot Needles!