Monday, May 10, 2010

Snow on Mothers Day

I was going to show some other photos of the boys, but look at what surprise we had on Mothers Day! Snow! First snow for Denny!

snow on  May 9-2

snow on  May 9-3

snow on  May 9-1

snow on  May 9-5

We were up before 6AM, and when I opened the blinds, I saw the snow, so I grabbed the camera (point and click, which is very slow) and opened the door. The boys ran around the balcony, Denny jumped like a kid goat with all four feet in the air, but of course I didn't catch that. Then they both dug the snow, and licked it off the blanks. They also found a leave, we had quite a storm the day before. Together they ate the leave as pre-breakfast.

It's funny how Happy watches Denny closely and copies him. When I take Denny outside to pee, he always brings something back inside. Happy waits at the door, to stick his nose to Denny's snout, so he can first smell what's there, and then try to grab it.
Now every time HE goes outside, he always looks around to bring something back inside as well. Too funny! He never did that before.

Another NOT so cute thing is, that he watched Denny jump up to see what's on the counter, and suddenly this big white dog stands beside me, watching me prepare their breakfast, with HIS paws ON the counter. Tzz,tzz. bad boy.

By the way, first puppy class went very well, because it didn't happen! When they got there, they told David, that they made a mistake with the date, and that the class starts in a couple of weeks. But he saw the list in her hand, where she said, she tried to call us, and there was only one other puppy registered.
At least there were lots of people who wanted to pet Denny, and he met a black Boxer pup (1o month old). Apparently Denny was a little scared of that one, and hid behind David, even though the Boxer pup was in a down position.

I finished the Frozen Leaves shawl, but that's a different story. So now I knit on the pea green blanket, as long as I like or until I get bored. That's how far I've come with the first skein.
Surrounded 1st skein May 8

I love the color so much, and the feel of this yarn too. It's like it's felted, and very light. Unfortunately the stitch definition is not so great. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize, after the second repeat I didn't have to look at the chart anymore, and you always know where you are, when you pick it up again, and forgot to take note. This is quite fun to knit, but of course you can't knit a whole blanket in one go, so I was thinking of what to knit next, when I had to move this yarn
Artyarns Beaded Mohair and Sequins, color # 2365, 80% silk with glass beads and squins, 20% mohair, 3 times 50g total  342yds

out of the way for the millions time. It's been sitting on my desk for over a year I believe. It was a gift, and I wanted to do something special with it, but the right idea would not come. It sat on my scarp paper pile, so I had to move it many times, and the last time was one time to many. So I just grabbed some needles, and cast on. Let's see what we'll get from 342yds of this lovely yarn.

Well, that's enough for a Monday.

BTW- I was chasing Denny yesterday and missed a step down the stairs. Haven't been falling down in quite a while and it's not a nice experience. My ankle hurt for a while, but I could walk. Today I'm feeling my shoulder. Didn't even notice at the time that I banged it into the wall (glad it wasn't my head).


2paw said...

What great photos, I can imagine the bits in between. It is so good that they are friends. Happy is so funny, wanting to do what Denny does. Gilly thinks up wicked things and then Peri does them too. Fancy Happy jumping up to the bench!!! Vundy once stole a leg of lamb that way.
It's good that Denny will be meeting new dogs.
Ouch, you poor thing, It is always much worse when you are a grown up and fall over!!

momsue84 said...

Glad you are ok after your fall. Our pups keep us on our toes, don't they? We had a lite snow here yesterday, too. More coming this week. It's that time of year. Having surgery on my right wrist on the 18th. Knitters and crocheters beware! I finally said yes, I can't take the pain anymore. I could blame it on keyboarding, but we all know the truth. Knitting!

Angelika said...

Snow in May? What a weared world. Hope the dogs enjoyed it.

Donyale said...

I totally get why Denny was excited....he's an Aussie and our snow (as little as we get) comes in a month or so so he is bang on target!!!!

Love these stories....really.

knottygnome said...

we had snow too, but not as much as you did.

can't wait to see what you do with the beaded yarn!

clknits said...

Happy is such a good older brother. They're too sweet those two boys together! Also looking forward to seeing what you do with the beaded yarn. Take care Monika...I've been there done that with falling, and it's no fun how sore a person can be a couple days later.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

It was chilly down here this a.m. and I told Steve that you had had snow in Canada (just to keep things in perspective).

Love hearing all the doggy stories :)

That green yarn is wonderful looking - but then so is that twinkly purple stuff! Enjoy ~

Linda said...

Snow at this time of year? Is that usual? I love the purple sparkle yarn. I hope your bruise feels better soon.

Frieda said...

At least the pups were happy with the snow .Looks like they were having a blast ! We had that same crummy weather here .Today it's sunny but so darn cold !

Oooh , hope there's no after effects from the fall . Take care !

RosalĂ­a said...

Lovely photos! Snow and mother's day is unbelievable for me. We celebrate in may,1rst , in Spain.
Wonderful yarn, wonderful works!

Sharon V said...

Oh my! I hope you're not too sore from your tumble!

Your puppies seem to be getting on just fine and apparently teaching each other all kinds of new tricks. But, whaddya mean there was no class for Denny?! LOL!

Love your blanket and your purple yarn, too. Can't wait to see what that ends up being.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

No snow here, but we did get a heck of a lot of wind and boy was it cold!
Denny's really going to be freaked out come winter!
Can't wait to see what you do with that pretty beaded yarn

Walden said...

That is adorable!

T-Mom said...

It's always so cute when they see their first snow!

Virginia said...

ooh, that yarn is so sparkly! I love it.