Friday, May 28, 2010


Last Friday I got a surprise package from Dave. He sent me some gorgeous fiber, and two floating bones for the pups, for no other reason than to be nice. Thanks, Dave! :o)

Dave's gifts

from left to right:
1. Squoosh Fiberarts, MCN 80/10/10-Entrancement 2. SCF - 115g Falkland - Funhouse 3. Corgi Hill Farm - Merino/Silk/Yak/Baby Camel - Ruby Luxe - 3.4g

gift from Dave for the pups

The pups had to fight over the bigger of the two bones.
May 22-2
And the winner is:

May 22-3

There was also this gorgeous Wandering Cat Yarns skein in the mail for me! I helped out their niece with a fundraiser and as a Thank you, Rhonda and Valerie sent me this lovely yarn, which I could chose from their Etsy shop. Thank you, Ladies! :o) It will be a while for me to play with it though; it's gone into storage, with many other lovely yarns and fiber. :o(

Wandering Cat Yarns- Alley Cat-75sw merino 25 nylon-4-ply-400yds-Copper Penny

I always forget to mention the creep factor of Lola and Manni. I showed Manni (the head) to Happy, and he took off and hid under the table. Denny just sat there and looked at it, but did not breath, or move a muscle, or blink. Lola did nothing for Happy, he ignored her, but Denny barked his little head off, when he first saw her standing there. :o)



2paw said...

I am sure Happy lets Denny win!!
If I sew something with eyes on it, The Labradors and Vundy the German Shepherd would go ballistic. I had to hide the reindeer I made in a bag on the top of the wardrobe, Vundy still knew it was there and would sit and stare at it for ages!!

Dave said...

Ha! Figures thats Denny would win. :-)

CelticCastOn said...

I need to keep a look out for those bones, Boss would have a hayday in the bay with that.
Poor Happy, needs to stand up to the little one.

knottygnome said...

ooh, lots of pretty fiber and yarn. i love that you love colors.

Virginia said...

Ooh, gorgeous fibers! I can't wait to see what you do with them. :)

Ann said...

Hi Monika,
I have given you an award on my blog, because I love your blog, your socks and your dogs ;-)

lexa said...

What nice packages! No matter what my two have, they always want whatever the other has, even if it's identical.

Rhonda said...

There's nothing wrong with storage yarn. We have oodles. We're off to the festival tomorrow, wish us luck.
I think the floaty bones are a grand idea. I'll have to look for some.

Annepålandet said...

No pattern for the potholders in english yet, but i will post it eventually. On Ravelry, probably.
Have a nice week end!

Anonymous said...

What a dapper dog: his bone matches his blanket!

I love watching your boys grow up. Thank you sharing them with us.