Sunday, December 27, 2009

Who's that dork?

I've got a lovely package all the way from London, England. My dear online friend Christa, put together these thoughtful gifts.

Lovely gift from Christa

I've always wanted to knit with Rowan yarn, and here were two Rowan Tweed Chunky skeins. I knew it had to become Jared Flood's Qunicy hat!

Quincy hat in Rowan Tweed Chunky

Cast on, knit, and worn within hours! This hat does not suit every head! I look like a total dork with it. My son laughed as soon as he saw me, he probably is still laughing! I don't care. This hat is very warm, and that's all that matters to me. I love the clever construction, everything was so easy, but looks complicated. I did have some left over yarn. Knitting with 6.5mm needles did hurt my hands a little. The yarn itself is on the rough side, but I can deal with it on my head. I could not wear it around my neck though. I have not washed it yet, maybe it gets a little softer then. So, thanks again, dear Christa!

Lovely gift from Chawne! Yeah! Vintage Appliance colorway, so gorgeous!

I've also got this gorgeous mitten kit from my online, flickr friend Chawne! The colorway is called "Vintage Appliance"! Do you see it? I remember the kitchen of one of my friends when I was a kid, it was kept in those green colors. Very strange to me at the time, since I thought kitchen had either to be white or brown wooden cupboards. Anyway, I've already cast on last night.

beginning of Chevron Love mittens
These Chevron Love mittens are very addictive! You want to knit just one more color .....
There are eight colors, and it's suggested to not cut them ,but twist them along as you knit. I could not deal with that tangled mess, so I'll have to weave in many ends. Oh well.

After those are finished I'll probably cast on with my Regia sock yarn and make myself some green socks. Don't know which pattern yet.

I've also got lots of fiber to spin, I'm well behind with all my Fiber club fibers, but I don't want to stress myself about it.

Talk to you soon ....

PS Gluttony thy name is Happy, is doing very well. No apparent harm has come to him from pigging out.



sanaze said...

On 12/24 I bought the same green wool for some spring colored socks in wintertime! So funny!
nice mittens: 8 colors and 5 needles - urgh!!!!

Frieda said...

Not just yarn , but chocolate too , lucky you ! I've also got that same coloured yarn in my stash, it's just so beautiful and bright in our grey winter days .

Love the mittens !

Glad to hear that Happy is none the worse for his over indulgence .

momsue84 said...

Wow! You really have some awesome friends. I'm going to knit the same hat in Cascade chunky. Can't stand scratchiness on my head. I'd love to know where that mitten kit came from. Love the pattern and the colors. Glad Happy is ok. Milo and DH just got back from their morning run. He loves it!

2paw said...

Hello fellow dork. I look awful in beanies and other hats. It is very annoying but must be more annoying for you because here it's never really that cold.
Lovely wool and the colours for the mittens really are appliance colours!! Oh no, all those ends..
Glad Happy is fine!!!

Sharon V said...

Keeping warm is the name of the game, especially in Canada! And your mittens are so lovely I'm almost multi-colored with envy - not just green!

Susi Knitchicks said...

Die Mütze sieht ja mal toll aus. Und die Handschuhe werden ein echter Hingucker. Bei der Kälte bei Euch kannst Du das gut gebrauchen.

LG Susi

knottygnome said...

i love that mitten kit. isn't the yarn naturespun? you could just spit splice at the color changes instead of weaving in ends.

i like the BT hat, but i too would probably look like a dork wearing it.

Pat said...

I just started the same mittens - I've been spit splicing - NO WAY I would weave in all those ends!! The only reason I haven't knit the hat yet is that I'm afraid I'll look like a dork - Come on....let's see it on you :-)

Gloria Patre said...

I absolutely love the Quincy hat! It's on my To Do list! Love the color you picked! I haven't decided on mine yet!

Angelika said...

I don't envy you when it comes to tucking in all those loose ends. But I know what you mean with getting addicted to them. I can totally understand.

hannah said...

That looks like an interesting hat! Very lovely.

The colours are bright and beautiful.

Knatolee said...

Oh, I am so jealous of the mitten kit!

Your work is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Das Kit sieht ja traumhaft aus. Ich hab mir jetzt in England sowas ähnliches - natürlich für Socken :))) - bestellt.

sei lieb gegrüßt und noch Happy New Year ;)