Friday, December 18, 2009

Handspun Friday - Faerie Falls

Happy's corner of the rug
First, thanks to everyone for your well wishes for Happy. He's doing very well. Yesterday morning, he was up to no good already, even before he had breakfast, and had to go to the Vets. Looks like he just can't stand it, when the rug is in its place. He wants the corner to be like that. I replace it a hundred times each day, but as soon as I turn my back, he rearranges it, just the way he likes it. I don't really care, I think it's funny. His wound is healing nicely, and he might have licked it during the night, but not during the day. He had to stay inside yesterday, which was really hard on all of us, this boy wants to run! We'll have another check up on December 29th.

Faerie Falls sw merino-bamboo-nylon 4oz by Moonlightbaker-~366yds, 2-ply
Anyway, there's finished handspun yarn to be seen! This is 4oz superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend dyed by Moonlightbaker. I've bought from her just once, and don't have the link, but you can google it, if you are interested. I just LOVE the colors! I don't like spinning bamboo very much, but there is worse fiber.

Faerie Falls sw merino-bamboo-nylon 4oz by Moonlightbaker

It turned out ~ 366yds, 2-ply yarn. I tried to spin a little thicker than usual. I've already cast on for the Multnomah shawl with it. I LOVE garter stitch!

Multnomah shawl
Lately I seem to totally ignore the fact, that I don't have enough yarn to finish the shawl, happened to me three times already (you'll see what I mean in future posts). This would be number four. I have ~ 366yds but really would need 412yds as stated in the pattern. I figure, I'll just make it smaller, knit until I run out of yarn. I think this is a lovely pattern for handspun yarn. We'll see how it goes.



Walden said...

Beautiful handspun and it is looking nice knitted up. I am glad Happy is doing well.

2paw said...

Very good Happy news. He obviously has an eye for interior decorating!!! Gilly likes to have the little woollen rug upside down.
Very beautiful wool, but doesn't that always happen?? My sewing machine bobbin always runs out with just a few cm to go!!

Pat said...

I just got some of that same fiber blend - seemed like it might be strong sock yarn?
Beautiful colorway - will be such a nice shawl!

lexa said...

Glad Happy is doing well! Beautiful handspun.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Ignoring the obvious, eh? Fortunately you can always spin more! It's a beautiful yarn and I agree garter stitch in handspun is a perfect combination.

It's nice to see Happy resting and doing well. So cute that he has his own decorating taste!

SharonV said...

Your yarn is lovely, as usual.

I have also cast on the Multnomah, but ran into a problem with stitch count on row 3 or 4 of the pattern.

Let me know how yours goes. I must be doing something wrong!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Happy is doing well. It's so funny how everything needs to be just so!

Violiknit said...

Gorgeous handspun! And yes, garter stitch is wonderful! Best wishes to Happy :)

hannah said...

I am glad Happy is doing well. Why did he had to go there?

I love the yarn you show here. I hope your shawl will turn out right.

Carrie K said...

Maybe you could use a compatible color to stretch the handspun? The shawl is cute.

I love your pincushion! And your finished Garter Yoke cardigan. Cool of your mom to send you those buttons.

Poor Happy. Glad to hear he came through it fine. Love his rug arrangement.

Kathleen said...

I'm glad Happy is happy again, and I totally love your handspun! The colors are gorgeous! Nice job!

Dave said...

Love the earthy colours in that handspun, and you're right -- it's perfect for garter, and also F&F, I would think! :-)