Monday, December 07, 2009

Personal Footprints

I was looking forward to this book with great anticipation. I was thrilled with Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One, and could not imagine how else you could knit a sock. Cat Bordhi sure did. Personal Footprints shows you just how. But I don't think this will be a widely known method in the future, because I think sock knitters are set in their favorite way to knit socks, even if they try new things, they will fall back on their known and comfortable way to knit socks. At least that's the way it is with me.
Cat Bordhi has made several youtube videos to help working with her book.

Before you even start knitting your first sock, you need to trace and cut out your footprint. You'll have to do that with every sock yarn, which is different weight as your first personal footprint, and probably different size needles as well. Since you'll get different gauge, the mark for the heel will not be accurate, as I understand it, the lifeline or leg line will always be the same.

personal footprints

After all is measured and recorded you'll knit your Discovery Sock. These green socks are my Discovery socks. All went well, but the heel. It was a mess. Way too large, and the three-needle bind off was uncomfortable for me. I always have to knit something once, before I can start making modifications to suit my feet for example.
1. Discovery sock done-heel
That's my first heel, which I ripped out again.

First Discovery sock from Cat Bordhi's new book
You'll knit the toe first, the foot, and the heel (which will be on hold, until the leg is done, before you can do a three-needle bind off). So far it has been very exciting to knit this sock.

1. Discovery sock done-will rip back
First Discovery sock is done, and I know that I have to change the heel for the second one.

Discovery socks with basket weave cuff.
The left sock is the first one with the heel too wide. For the right sock I made some modifications to make it better fitting. I left it at that, and was a little disappointed with the outcome. As I wore them, the heels GREW and looked ridiculous. Nevertheless, I got the idea, and would be damned, if i left it at that. I got myself some other sock yarn, made a second personal footprint and went to work.

And voila! Lemon Leaves Socks showed just how good they can look, when everything is done right.
Lemon Leaves socks done-1

Lemon Leaves socks done-5
Look at those heels. I still think they are the hardest part to get right, but that might be because of my heels.
Lemon Leaves socks done-6
These are lovely socks, I like the design, and they were knit so fast, almost in a blink of an eye. :o)
Lemon Leaves socks done-3
Normally I don't like rolled cuffs, but here I don't mind.

Oh, I almost forgot. The green socks are made with On Your Toes, 4-ply sock yarn, with Aloe Vera, 100g/390yds, color # 3826. Very nice to knit with, and nice to wear too.

The grey socks are made with 2 x 50g Sheepjes Invicta Extra, color# 1401.


Päivi, Lankakomero said...

I like your Lemon Leaves socks. That kind of heel is new to me, interesting.

knottygnome said...

very nice socks. this book is on my wishlist!

Bea said...

mhm.... sieht interessant aus. Ich werd das mal auf meine Amazon-Wunschliste setzen, aber mit eher niedriger Priorität. Ich hab Cat Bordhi's letztes Buch zwar fleißig gelesen, dann aber doch nichts danach gestrickt.
Ich bewundere sie zwar, stricke aber dann doch meist der eigenen Nase lang.
Andererseits - sie hat mich schon auf neue Ideen gebracht. Zum Beispiel hätte ich die Ferse der Wellen- und Dreieckesocken vermutlich nie in Angriff genommen, wenn ich nicht Cat Bordhi's Buch im Schrank hätte.

Also doch ein must have?

Ich überlege noch.

Die grauen Socken sehen übrigens klasse aus.

Grüßle, die Bea

Bea said...

Nachtrag: Das Buch gibt es (noch) nicht bei Amazon.

Sharon V said...

You did a darn fine job on your socks! Now that you can make your socks specifically to you, do you think you'll make them this way all the time?

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

That Cat is a very creative thinker! I think you are very right and sock knitters have their favorite way of making socks. For me, that's on DDN and top down. That formula works like a charm every time.

You have another couple of cozy and fun socks to add to your collection!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Tres chique lemon leaf socks. They look all sort of warm and soft and cuddly.

Think your sock knit philosophy might be right though, unless of course, you love the new way too much.

Beverly said...

Lovely socks! I agree, it is fun to try out new things even if you don't stick with them.

donyale said...

Thanks for the recap - I have been wondering if it was worthwhile getting the 2nd (to match the first)....

Dreams of Yarn said...

Wow, just love your sock adventures!

Virginia said...

Very nice! I haven't yet ventured into the world of socks yet, but plan to soon.

TracyKM said...

You might like the "Hat Heel Socks" from the latest issue. Although they are fiddly and there will be several ends to weave in around the ankle, but they are also unique.
I made a pair of Cat's Spring Thaw socks--I think you made them too. That heel worked well for me, although I am insistant there is an error in the pattern for starting the leaf motif above the heel on the second sock.
It's amazing how many ways there are to construct socks. And different ways will fit different feet. It's rather annoying though if your favourite way doesn't fit you LOL.

Pat said...

I haven't wanted to get the book - until I just saw your Lemon Leaves!

Jody said...

Ah of my personal favs...lovely socks.

hannah said...

I agree with you that heels of socks are the most difficult part to get right.

I love the grey socks. What a lovely pattern!

Gloria Patre said...

As always, the Lemon Leaf socks are scrumptious! They look so cuddly soft! I agree with you about sock knitters and their comfort-zone methods. I'm hard-pressed to consider trying anything new (it might be hard!) LOL! I admire you tackling Cat Bordhi's new book with such aplomb! Well done, you!

Violiknit said...

Beautiful socks! Creative heels, too. I have only tried 3 types, but know only that short row heels will never ever fit me--maybe I should get this book :)