Wednesday, December 09, 2009

All the way from Australia!

Donni had a give away on her blog, and I was the lucky winner!

gifts from Donni

There is this lovely fiber, Donni dyed herself. It's called Winter Woodland (I always read Winter Wonderland until now - huh), BFL/Viscose/Bamboo blend. I'm going to work on it today!!!
There is also wonderful soft lace yarn, called "Meadow", 100% Australian wool, very noice. And look at that gorgeous shawl pattern!!! It's by Jae Koscierzynski (Some Knitting Required), and it's called "Pretty As a Peacock". Wow - how wonderful is that? She even threw in this Ashford Yarn Gauge, with a printed table to determine which yarn weight one has produced. Thanks, Donni! I'll be spinning and knitting for a while, thinking of you.

On doggie news: I thought mud season was over. This year the ground didn't want to freeze at all. There is some hope of snow in the coming days, I wish. The pups had to wash their feet , well I had actually, every time we came back inside. That's what they looked like, sometimes more, rarely less.

Happy Dec. 3-5
I had to put him on a leash to get a picture, because he would not stand still for it.

Biko Dec. 3-3

Look at Biko's goofy face. She might think, "Hehe sucker, you've got to wash my feet again (and again, and again....) Look at her belly and hind legs.

Happy Dec. 3

And here's the demon puppy, in the muddiest corner of the back yard. He was hiding, once again.

Edited: 7AM: We are having a snow storm. I went outside at 6AM with Happy, and it was hilarious to watch him greeting his first real snow. He did not pee however, didn't feel safe enough. We'll try again later, when it's getting light outside. Can't wait to get my feet in the snow and play with the pups in the backyard! - Later!



2paw said...

Oh he is a demon puppy!!! They are both so glad to be so muddy!! Happy looks so big now, I can't get over it!!

Taxastrikkeren said...

Next time you must have a black dog. They never do them self so dirty ;-) I have a flatcoated retriever - black. But there are something whit the floor? No, not dogfeets - he said.
I have the "peacock" too.

Gitte from Denmark

Susan said...

I heard you were in for a snow storm. It's freaking cold here. The dogs start lifting their paws from the cold before they finish their business outside. I don't blame them.

Sharon V said...

Well, now that the snow is here you can stop washing feet for awhile - maybe.

Your winnings are lovely, by the way.

donyale said...

So glad you liked the gear - I didn't think you had Jae's lovely shawl pattern yet. Enjoy.


Give those doggies a wash would you ;)

Katt said...

what a lovely giftie to win!!

ah but its as much fun for doggies to get dirty as it is for kids! i have the same problem with the white cat..i swear she can sniff out dug dirt a mile away!

hannah said...

Here it is the same: mud everywhere. We have had a lot of rain the last few weeks.

What a nice package of goodies you have won there.

RC said...

the mud, oh the mud!!! I feel your pain. just a coating of snow here and as of today the ground is frozen. I thought I was going to cry with all the dog wiping off and mud everywhere!