Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welt Fantastic socks # 5/2006

This is my 5th finished pair of socks this year. Here they are still wet and one looks a bit samller than the other (why? they were the same size before washing). I've tried them on before washing and they were a tiny bit loose. I'm sure my foot will stretch everything out. Although the stripping is not perfect (and I don't care about that anyway) but nobody can say they don't belong together!
Kelpkim said this color reminds of cantaloupe and watermelon. I too though of a fruit salad while knitting. I found raspberries and strawberries, kiwi and honey dew melon, as well as mulberries with a dash of whipped cream in it. ;o)

I've used the magic cast on again. Love it! Toe up, reverse dutch heel, just the way I like it. I even tried the eye of partridge heel, which looks pretty nice. Another thing, I will never start knitting socks one after the other again! This way, there's no chance of the second sock syndrom, which always befalls me otherwise. I'm a happy camper with these socks. They are for myself of course. Here are the specifics:

yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit cotton multiringel 45% cotton 42% wool 13% polyamid

needles: 2.5mm until the last pattern repeat, there I've used 2.75mm to make it wider without having to increase sts. worked out perfectly

pattern: welt fantastic from "Sensational Knitted Socks"

size: women 10 1/2

I've cast on 66 sts. I've used the Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn bind off.

start: July 27the

finished" August 01st.

I liked this sock yarn very much. I've never knit socks with this blend before. I would buy it again ( in the next millenium, when I run out of sock yarn).

As everybody experienced themselves, today was/is - HOT ! My fingers are sticky even washing hands every half hour doesn't help much. Going outside? No way! (Just short trips with the dogs, they are inside faster than I am). So what to do? I didn't want to start something new. I'm still working on two blankets, remember? I wanted to learn something new. So, here is the patchwork square. It's knitted from the outside , a different mitered square. I try to make my experiments useful too. That's why I've used kitchen cotton. But it's too small for kitchen purposes.

It's only 5" square. I can't decide which the RS and the WS is. But in the end I found some use for it: it will be on my PC tower, where I put my digital camera. HA!


Melissa said...

The socks look great. I love the colors!

kelpkim said...

yes, the colors are so yummy! that was the colorway i wanted to buy! it reminds me of cantaloupe and watermelon...yum! :o)hi to the poochies!

Mander said...

Ooh, your socks look super! Colors are sweet and summery-looking. I LOVE Meilenweit cotton. =)

sgeddes said...

The socks do remind me of fruit salad - and that would be perfect for this HOT weather. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next blanket.

Dipsy D. said...

The socks look absolutely great, such happy and cheerful colors, perfect for summer and the hot weather you're having these days!

Strickfimmel said...

Hallo monika,
was soll ich sagen? EINFACH SPITZE! WIE IMMER!
Gruß Sybille