Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wet dogs-happy dogs-stinky dogs-tired me!

Wet-tired-stinky-that's my Biko girl!
You have to use all tricks to get her out of the pool. She would sleep in it, if it where possible.

He's in the right spot- on the A/C vents. Sam is now allowed to be in the backyard at the same time as Biko. I had to stop them from chasing each other though. It's still too much for his knee. At night, his limping is pronounced but all thogether it's not too bad.

And all this I show you, because I don't have any other pictures. I was knitting on my mother's sock, round and round, slow going, since I need a hook with parts of the lace pattern. But I enjoy it. Then, my daughter comes along and reminds me, that if I want to surprise my husband with the new front door curtains, I better get cracking! So I was swatching and ball winding and swatching some more. Finally I've decided on the pattern. It's slow going too! Can't seem to get in the groove with this thing. I like the colors. The yarn is a wool/silk/acrylic blend, smells bad and feels rough on my hands. Well, I'll show you tomorrow. I'm tired. Bye.

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