Monday, June 12, 2006

My finished mystery project!

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This is round two. Through my own fault I've lost this post and had to write it again. Yeah! Here it goes: This is my version of a crocheted bag. I found a picture of it on another blog, of course, and I fell in love with this colorful baggy. I don't like crocheting very much and deceided to knit the squares rather than crochet them. As it turns out, they stretch very easily in EVERY direction. I've used cotton/acrylic yarn called Kelly by King as a stash reducer. I steamed the seams into submission, but I think I've melted the acrylic in it. It's all shiny now! ;o)

I want to (have to) sew a lining for this bag, since I really want to use it myself. We'll see what old shirt will get sacrificed for this endeavor. It will be a horror session, that's for sure! I can't understand how somebody can make more than one of these bags. There's this German Lady Jutta who made alreday SIX !!! bags. Yeah, that's right. I admire that. It took me four days worth of knitting time for this ONE bag and it doesn't even have its lining yet.

I only wish I could have used a color/colors which I really LOVE instead of this yarn, but I had to make a dent in my stash. By the way, do you recognize the yarn? I've made the P90 for my daughter with it and had just enough left for the bag.

My hands almost fell off crocheting around the edges. My son asked me to calm myself, he couldn't take the cussing any more. ;o) Oh, and of course, taking advise for once, I've had to crochet the squares together as well, which was really the better option, since I suck in sewing knitted fabric.

For those who like crocheting and would love to give it a try, you can find the pattern here.

And - Yeah! - to me, it seems I've figured out to show links in text. It just takes me a little longer. ;o)


Melissa said...

very cute! It looks really summer-like.

Abigale said...

Beautiful bag Monika! I just love your choice of yarns - but then I always do :-) I would have never guessed that the mystery was turning into a bag.

Good job on showing links in text! You're getting pretty good at all this blogging malarkey.

Talk to you later


Areli said...

Your bag is super cute. You should get tons of use out of it, but I can see how it would be frustrating to create.

Maria said...

Hallo Monika,
bin gerade zu Besuch bei Dir und habe den wunderschönen Häkelbeutel gesehen, der ist Dir super gelungen und die Farben sind einfach toll. Leider kann ich vieles nicht verstehen wegen mangelnder Sprachkenntnisse, aber mit einiger Phantasie und den Bildern geht es einigermaßen. Vielen Dank, daß Du mich in Deine Links eingereiht hast. Ist es Dir recht, wenn ich Dich in meine Blogrunde aufnehme?
Wünsche Dir weiterhin gutes Gelingen Deiner Werke und
viele Grüße Maria

Judy said...

Thanks, I have looked for days for this bag pattern,,, Judy from Alaska

Judy said...

Bag looks great to me, going to make one soon. Is color/colors a yarn ? If so is it a cotton ? Judy

Judy said...

Gosh , what a ding-a-ling i am,,, got ya, diff color/colors ,,, ha!

cateyes said...

How may I get the pattren for this beautifil bag. I have just found your site. Please help.

Lee Ann