Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer is slowing me down!

There is not much knitting going on, or at least, not much to show you. I found this little distraction on the internet. That's what my website looks like as a graph. You can find this graph generator here .

Besides playing around with the computer I was knitting up these three dishcloths just to try out some patterns and I wanted to do something easy. In the evenings I'm knitting away on the border of my Log Cabin. Just two more border-logs to go, but they'll take FOREVER!

Just in case you are wondering, the curtains are NOT progressing. I've also finished a little knitted gift for my One Skein secret pal and have to block it before I can take a picture. That's it on the knitting front.

Before I even had breakfast today, I was brushing Sam. This is the result from just ONE dog! And it's not all, I had about the same amount on my T-shirt and pants!

I brushed Biko after this too, I've got ONE brush full of hairs from her!!! - See the difference?


Abigale said...

Hi Monika

Wow - all that fluff! You could spin that you know. (well I could anyway...) It's not so hard to learn, and you might have some fun with it...

Just a suggestion - can't wait to see what you come up with for your gorgeous new yarn - I've been fondling my cable plied stuff too!


Dipsy D. said...

Wow, Sam sure has a lot of fur to share, what about spinning some Sam-yarn out of this? ;)
I love the cloths you've been doing, they're such satisfying little knits and such a perfect way to try out new, different patterns!

Mander said...

OMGosh, where did that new puppy come from? LOL

Love the dishclothes! There's something about knitting them that makes you feel all homey inside. :)

Off to try that generator thingy now... I swear, it almost looks like something you'd want to embroider on a pillow, doesn't it?

Pam said...

monika -
how did you get the graph to work? i have tried it several times and it's just gray. yuck!

Pam said...

monika -

how did you get that flower graph thingy to work? all i get is a big gray box... yuck!

pam in nashville

Monika said...

Pam, I just put my blog address in and click - voila!

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to spin it yourself, my neighbor has started up a side business: She'll spin your animal's hair into yarn for you.

look for spinningstrawintogold.