Monday, May 08, 2006

Not everything is a success!

My P94 BB is getting a border. I piked up all around the 116". I didn't count the sts, but I'll never do that again. It is not even a big blanket and I'm using 2x 150cm circulars and 1x 120 cm circ. That's very akward to do. I'm doing a garter stich border with mitered corners. Will be glad when it's done.

My computer had a screw loose! Really. It didn't recognize it's own parts any more, namly the slot where the photo card should go into. After a half hour phone call between my son and tech support, it's working again. Puh!

This was supposed to be my Tee for the summer. I had knit about 40 rows, I liked the pattern (designed by elann: Silk City cotton gauze shell it's called). I bought Endless Summer Collection Luna and lots of it (me thinks I'm an idiot) in this lovely orange and several other colors as well, just to find out, that I hate knitting with it. It splits so easy, you have to watch every stitch (well I do). The pattern used here was see through (I used 4mm, which was way too loose, my fault) and it pulled together too much. It should havebeen 25 " wide and it was only 22". So I ripped the whole thing and was depressed for a couple of hours. Didn't feel like starting over again. What to do? Well, I've decided to finish the Blanket first, so I can put it away. The Log Cabin was beckoning as well. And than there was this ...

This one's driving me crazy. It's going to be a Pinwheel Blanket, what else? My son couldn't see it, doesn't look like a blanky to him. Anyway, I ripped more rows than I knitted. Seems to me, it's not so much a mindless knitting after all. I repeatedly forgot the YO, dangit! Had to stitch back one after another for several rows, twice! And the yarn has so many faults as well! It's broken throughout, just hanging on, on one thread. The only thing I still like is the color right now. Oh well, the sun is out, it's nice and warm again. Sam had his walk and is pacified. Biko had her fun with the garden hose, she loves water.

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