Monday, May 29, 2006

Baby Surprise Jacket!

Sam approves of my self dyed sock yarn. Soon there will be new socks for my mom.

And here I present - dah dah! The Baby surprise jacket!

I think Elizabeth Zimmermann was a genius. Look at this little jacket's design. Who would think of something like that? Only a genius!

Unfortunately the colors are not accurate. This is a lovely yellow and orange cotton yarn. I enjoyed knitting this so much, even though I don't know who will be lucky enough to wear it. Or do I???

Here's a closeup to see the flowery buttons. I found them in the second store I went to. They are perfect!

Well, he's the lucky guy (for now anyway). The color is a little more accurate but still not bright enough. This guy's almost too fat for this jacket.

I love it. It was knitted with the softes cotton yarn I've ever used for knitting. I would love to wear something made from it. It's Langyarns Tissa, 100% combed cotton. I needed 200 grams, on 3.5mm needles. It was knitted in two days and on the third day I sewed on the buttons, weaved in the ends and knitted the colar (not in this order).

I'm thinking of maybe making an adult jacket with this method as well. We'll see. This was a most pleasurable knit. Thank you E.Z.!


Melissa said...

I love the colors of the yarn (I must get some easter egg dye next year!) and I love the jacket. Very nice.

Nancy said...

I love the BSJ. I have been wanting to knit one, but my baby is almost 4, so I am waiting for an infant to come along in the family.

Laverne said...

Monica, thank you so much for the introduction to the BSJ! I looked up the pattern and bought the book. I had some ArtYarns supermerino left from the baby blanket that I made for my niece (see yahoo MD group photos). I made the jacket in white with the variegated blue trim. It was so much fun and I love that I can give them together. You have been quite an inspiration this week. Thanks again.