Thursday, May 25, 2006

Clownsocks finished!

I've dyed wool for a pair of socks for my mom. She's sent me the easter egg colors, which she only got from the grocer because she's so charming! ;o) I hope she'll like the colors. She's more the beige/black/white kind of person, but a little color never hurts, right?!
The wool is still wet, but that's fine. The Log Cabin blanket is still far from finished, even though I'm knitting as fast as I can and until I'm running out of yarn. Since I only knit on it while watching TV, I'm making slow progress. Maybe 1-2 "logs" a night.
Of course my clown socks are not twins, but my toes will not care once they get all blue and cold. They are looking for firey heating action.

No left overs! I've used up all yarn and that's what I like about toes-up socks. The heel doesn't look that good, but who cares? They fit well and will warm my feet nevertheless. But now, they'll be put away over the summer. Their time will come.

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