Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Too cold!

Thank you all for leaving comments. Gillian, and Helga, it's nice to know that you are still visiting! :o)
I never thought I would say that, but it's too cold! I've never felt so cold throughout all of winter. This year, we have a wonderful Spring, exactly as it should be, but it's too cold. I've been turning the heat on and off, and finally off for good, sometime last week, but I should have waited. Now I'm too stubborn to turn it on again, but really, what's the matter? We have 15 C in the house. This morning they say, it was 2C outside, now we are up to 15 C I guess. At least the sun is shining, for now.
My creation No wonder the flowers wont grow. I feel lucky they didn't freeze to death over the weekend. So, not much to see here so far. But I'm happy I've planted them anyway, it's a little color, which makes me happy. Look at the beautiful orange one! Don't ask me what they are called. I'm so bad with names. I always stick the card with the name on it right next to the flower, so that I can refresh my memory, until the next time.

Here's my boy, enjoying being outside. We had a rough few days. Yesterday we celebrated Victoria Day, and the fireworks started around Thursday night. He's so frightened, and I feel helpless, because I can't make him understand, that it's nothing, and it will be over, eventually. The first two nights we were out, walking the dogs, and he was fine. I guess all those interesting smells distracted him. But once we got home, he went straight down to the basement to hide.
My creation Last night though, our neighbours joined in with the fireworks "fun", and for an hour and a half, Sam was running around the house, panting, not even his basement was safe, he thought.
So, next up is Canada Day, were we will go through the same thing.
Biko doesn't care at all about the noise.


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Your flowers are all so pretty! Don't be sorry you have cool weather - we are roasting here :(

T-Mom said...

He's such a pretty boy--what a shame he was so scared. Poor Sam!

Sue J. said...

Our previous Weimaraner, Wolfie, had the same anxiety problem. We finally obtained medication from the vet for sedation at times when we knew he would be scared out of his wits, like the 4th of July. It worked wonders, and isn't very expensive. Milo? He sleeps through it all, thank goodness. My heart goes out to Sam.

Maggie said...

Your garden is awesome! Ours is a mess. Of course, it usually is since I am not much of a gardener. I think I'm coming to terms that what we need in front of our house are a row of perennial euonymous bushes, leaving just a little bit of space in front for wispy carnations to add a bit of colour. Both perennials, and mostly maintenance free except for a bit of pruning. Yes, that's where I think I'll be going with this garden of ours.

I don't mind container gardening on the deck, though. I enjoy doing that!

Poor Sam and the fireworks! I am kind of like Sam. I love fireworks, the louder the better, when I am expecting them! Or when I'm the one setting them off! We usually wait until Canada Day for that. All weekend I've been hearing them go and they've been scaring the crap out of me.

The cats don't mind them. Their ears prick, but they don't really react.

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

Love the orange flower!

One of my babies is the same way. Any loud noises freak him out, there is no consoling him either. It's gotten to the point that i don't like fireworks anymore.

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers. I hope the fireworks aren't too bad this year. Sometimes my kitties don't like fireworks, but it's not consistent.

Anonymous said...

i am so with you on the weather!
yes, it has prolonged our spring, but enough already!
i am wearing wool socks, it's almost the end of may...
your flowers are beautiful! i also have ignored the temperature and have planted, bravely or maybe foolishly.
i visit your blog regularly!
best wishes.

Kelly said...

Here Here! It IS cold out!
Very windy here! Bring on the heat!
We still have the heating on, set low but still on.

Deborah Robson said...

You have my empathy with the fireworks. Ariel has been okay (basically) since we quit closing her crate door when we leave. She does go downstairs.

Tussah, on the other hand, chews her way through window screens and jumps out windows when there are fireworks. It doesn't matter if the window is at ground level or not.

We use some light medications when necessary, but mostly don't go anywhere for 3 to 4 weeks before/after the 4th of July . . . or at least we leave one human at home. That works. I wish people understood how hard this is on dogs! (Tussah doesn't like thunder, either.)

Susanne said...

Liebe Monika,
so viele schöne bunte Blumen - Gott sei Dank leben sie noch. Wäre ja schade drum, wenn sie erfrieren würden. Bei uns ist es jetzt aber auch nachts bis knapp an den Gefrierpunkt heran kalt kalt kalt. Da muss man schon mal den ein oder anderen Topf nah ans Haus heran bringen oder über kleinere Pflänzchen größere Töpfe als Schutz stülpen. Wie Deine orangene Blume heißt, wiß ich auch nicht so genau, könnte eine Margeritenart sein, hat aber auch was von einer kleinwüchsigen Sonnenblume. Ach, egal wie sie heißt, eine Schönheit ist sie und allein das zählt.

Der arme Sam, ich kann ihn gut verstehen, dass er den Krach nicht mag. Ich kann das als Mensch schon nicht gut haben, obwohl ich ja verstehe, dass das Ganze harmlos ist. Aber das arme Tier tut mir da echt leid. Bei uns wird ja eigentlich nur an Silvester geknallt, ansonsten nur, wenn mal ein Volksfest irgendwo ist, aber das ist ja lokal begrenzt.

Tja nun, hilft ja alles nicht, da muss er wohl durch, der Sam - wie alle anderen auch.

Lieben Dank übrigens noch für Deinen netten Kommentar zu unserem winzigen Garten. Bald muss ich an die Hecken ran, ist kaum noch ein Durchkommen. Segelurlaub war sehr schön, werde bald ein wenig berichten. Aber erstmal muss ich jetzt viel arbeiten - leider.

Liebe Grüße aus old Germany

Angelika said...

I hope the weather improves soon. We are sweating here down south. I have the same problem with my dog on July 4th.

sgeddes said...

We are having a ncie cool spring and I'm enjoying every day of it! I'm not looking forward to the oppresive humidty that comes with the hot days around here.

Sherman sounds just like Sam regarding the noises. And there are very few places for such big dogs to hide!

hannahknits said...

O, that poor dog. I hope for him the fireworks is over soon.

The flowers look very pretty.

Windyridge said...

Spring here has been terrible. Too cold and so many frosts. Not conducive to gardening or boating for that matter.

2paw said...

Poor Sam. We had 'Cracker Night' here last week, but thankfully there were few fireworks and The Labradors are not afraid, just a bit startled every now and then.

Violiknit said...

Your flowers look like garden fireworks!