Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Have a Heart socks!

I have to start showing you my finished socks, before I forget what I thought about them. I've got this pattern from Marianne, thank you very much, and I LOVED knitting them. I usually don't knit my socks that short, but I'm O.K. with these, because of the lovely finishing in the back. They originally have a little bow, and a button in the back, but a bow was too girly for me. I'm not that kind of girl. I was so happy to find the perfect buttons in my button box, though. They have the same color as the yarn.
pattern: Have a Heart socks by Marianne Archer

yarn: Opal uni, 100gr/425m, 75% wool, 25% Polyamid, color # 1260

needle: 2.5mm, 5 DP

size: 10.25 inches

start-finish: April 5 - 8

My creation

They are toe-up socks, with a heel flap heel (which I used on my handspun socks). The dot-stitch is so cute, I liked it a lot. Best of all, the I-cord bind off turned out NOT to be too tight, as I was afraid it would be, but it's not. They are lovely socks, and I'm very happy with them.

This is our first wet dog picture of the year. The pool has been opened last Saturday. It was way too cold, and nasty weather, for even thinking of jumping in. She did the first time on Sunday, but today I took a picture of her hanging out on the balcony to dry off a little. This also means that from now until October she'll never get quite dry, and will increase to smell of wet dog, until she'll get her first of many, shampoo bath.

When she jumped in Sam was hiding as far away as possible. We had to hose him down last week, when he as more black than white, from all the mud, and I think he has not forgiven us for that. Also he gets really upset, when Biko jumps in. He runs back and forth, and comes to me, stands behind me, looking out to see how she's doing. He'll never understand how she can enjoy it.

I've been spring cleaning, not so much the house, as my computer. The favorite bar was getting too long, and I cleaned out a lot of links. I had links to websites, which were interesting, and to which I wanted to get back to read some more, but never did. Now I have only blogs left, which I read frequently. I've also taken stock of my projects. You know, I'm getting very uncomfortable, when there are more then one. I've decided to rip the Else's shawl. I really don't need a garter stitch shawl, even though I think the original is stunning because of the colores. I'm going to use the yarn for some other shawl.

I'm working on my tapestry crochet bag, and the double knitting scarf, AND I've started a crochet pot holder. I don't know why I'm drawn to slow going projects, the pot holder is Bosnian crochet, where you do only slip stitches, which takes forever! But I can take this easily outside, when I'm in the garden. I really DO need a pot holder, or better two, which makes more sense, but the other one, will NOT be the same, or it will never get done.

I have not spun at all the last week. I finished up my Cotswold project, which is finally all done. Now I have to decide what to spin next. Too many choices.


Kelley said...

Bosnian crochet sounds fascinating! I'm glad the dogs seem well. Sam sounds like he's pretty entertaining in the summertime!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Ah, Monika. So many tempting projects - even more because you knit, crochet and spin. You'll work it out so that your projects don't overwhelm you. Just focus on the one in your hands, not the one you saw last week or the one in your basket.

shannon said...

how lovely

Hege said...

Beautiful socks!
And Bosnoan crochet or pjoning as we call it is slow crocheting, but the result is beautiful.

Kris said...

Very nice socks!

When we bath our dog he just smells more like wet dog, a very soft wet dog but wet dog all the same. Husband tells me I need to bath the dog more to take the dog smell out :). Maybe I'm just not using the right shampoo.

Dreams of Yarn said...

The socks are great, I love the little button detail!~

lexa said...

Love the socks. The butons are cute.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love your new cheery red socks! I also think it is cool to have the little button embellishment. It's incredible that Biko is jumping in pools. Such a modern miracle to have had a successful surgery like that - and I do think Sam looks perplexed by the behavior. Potholders. I'm holding out on a really really really cute potholder.....

Anonymous said...

You've been busy! The wet dog is cute and the crochet potholder sounds like a good outside project. I think all slip stitches would drive me insane though. :-)

Jill said...

google reader is a great way to manage the blogs you read. That way you don't have to constantly check to see if they're updated. google checks for you. I love it.

And super cute socks! ;-)

Carrie K said...

Bosnian crochet does sound fun. Slow going projects are fun! If a bit endless sometimes.

Those socks are really cute! The button is perfect.

One water dog, one dry lander!

picperfic said...

wow...what a lovely surprise, the socks look great and I'm glad you were able to make them to your own taste too!

Javajem said...

So cute! I love the buttons!

Gloria Patre said...

I really love these socks! It's not a color you use often but they're real "Sweethearts!". Cute button stoo! I'll have to use then more often in finishing.
At least some one in the family is using the pool already, eh? LOL!

Rina said...

Was fuer wunderschoene, romantische, Herzsocken.
Toll :-)
Ich habe deinen super Herzschal in einer kuerzeren Version nachgestrickt.
Ich bin begeistert.
Jetzt muss er nur noch photographiert werden und dann kannst du ihn bei mir im Blog anschauen.

Juli said...

Na, ich hatte doch meine Begeisterung zu den süßen Socken gleicht getippselt?
Ich war nämlich so angetan, dass ich die Anleitung umgehend bestellt habe ;)
Ob ich die Socken in solch saftigem Rot stricken werde, glaube ich eher nicht. Doch vielleicht in Natur?

Liebe Grüße, Juli

Violiknit said...

I love those socks! The detail along the back is wonderful.