Thursday, April 05, 2007


Albert Anker (1831-1910)
"Strickendes Maedchen in Landschaft" 1875
"Girl knitting outside" (ruffly translated by me)
Look at her going! Isn't she cute?
I've got mail! When I picked up yesterday's mail, there was a little package inside. To my total surprise I've got this treat from Helga, a reader of my blog, and also a former teacher of my children. There were two cards and some divine chocolate in the package. She's a great knitter herself, and we connected over our interest in knitting. Thank you, Helga, for this wonderful surprise!

Hundertwasser - 1963
"Blood Garden-Houses with yellow smoke" (not my translation)
You've heard about "Hundertwasser sock yarn " don't you?! This is an art card of his work. Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) was Austrian, and I admire his work. It's so colorful. You should see the houses he designed!
Here's a link to some of his art .

I can tell you, it WAS delicious!

Since Sam can't have any chocolate, he's not very impressed.


pat said...

That top card is priceless - She is so adorable with that little knitting basket on her arm!
What a nice surprise for you!

Susan said...

the cards are lovely and I always enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful dogs :) I'm an animal lover myself and have 3 dogs (smaller ones).......I should take more pictures of

monica said...

What a pleasant mail surprise. The cards are lovely. I love the pictures of your dogs they are beautiful.

hakucho said...

Very nice and you are lucky to have such a thoughtful friend who shares your interest in knitting! Poor Sam :(

happy knitting :)

Violiknit said...

Those cards are wonderful! I especially enjoy the colors on that Hundertwasser. That chocolate looks mighty good too...

Dipsy said...

Gosh, how beautiful - the Strickendes M├Ądchen is definitely priceless, and I so adore Hundertwasser! He, along with Klimt, are my all time favourite artists, and it even makes me a bit proud that they're both Austrians ;)
Poor little Sam, he seems like he'd expected some goodies for him in that package too - well, perhaps next time ;)