Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th !

I’m glad I found Wikipedia. It says:

“A superstition is the irrational belief that future events are influenced by specific behaviors, without having a causal relationship.”

Just because it’s Friday 13th, doesn’t mean something bad’s going to happen, right? I’m NOT superstitious, but still there’s always a tiny itty pitty fear in my heart, whenever this day comes around.

It was not Friday 13th, when I made these bags a few days ago, but it sure felt like it! I can’t believe I used to sew any garment you can imagine, from boxer shorts, shirts, to coats, I did it all. I was a Quilter for a while; sewing was second nature to me. I always felt like I’m in a Zen like place, when I quilted my patchwork Quilts, which for a Queen sized bed spread could take a long time. It was so much fun.

Because I'm 5, I choose these fabrics; they are so colorful and cute with the doggie prints and cats too. You can overlook easily all the amateurish mistakes I made! I had to give the new sewing machine a try. But really, I don’t like it! I want my old one back! I still have it of course, and some day I’ll find someone who can repair it.
With this new one, nothing is as it should be. Right after I bought it, I watched the CD which was included in this package. Why so complicated? There was a booklet too, but who has time and patience to read it?
So, sitting in front of the machine, plugged in and ready, I had to figure out all the basics, like how to change stitches and so on. Obviously I figured out some of it.

I also was working without a pattern. I knew it should be a “sock knitting kit bag”, and I wanted it to be round. Pattern, smattern. I cut out a paper circle. To find out the circumference I needed for the main body (some use mathematics, I don’t), I used a method I learned from the series CSI: Las Vegas (I believe), I kid you not!

In one episode they marked a car tire and rolled it over some paper, for one whole turn. Well that’s what I did as well, plus a couple of ¼ inches for sewing. Anyway, to give the bag some kind of sturdy bottom, I glued some plastic between the two layers of fabric. I know there’s some stuff you can iron on out there, but I didn’t have it on hand, believe me, I looked. It was weird going through my sewing things, abandoned ten years ago and tucked away in the spare room’s closet. I unearthed some unfinished Quilting projects, held them in my hands for a while (felt uncomfortable), then put them away again. Maybe one day I’ll finish the Quilt; I have to put together all three layers, the top is finished ……

Back to the bags; you might have noticed that one is bigger then the other(just one inch). I had something else in mind at first, messed up and had to regroup my efforts. I could have easily made the knitted strings from fabric, but I didn’t want to. Knitting the I-cords took longer then sewing both bags, set up and clean up combined, but I enjoyed it more. It seems, that right now I’d rather knit anything.

The bags will end up as gifts; maybe. I’m not sure one can give away prototypes of anything.

These two cuties come to visit from time to time. They let me take a picture from the kitchen window, guess they couldn't see me (I think I have to wash my windows).

There's also something unpleasent going around the blogging world, which makes me sad, but it does not surprise me at all, people being PEOPLE! I've read Cara's post about this issue. I'm talking about the code of conduct for commenting on blogs, since there have been some not so nice comments and even death threads against at least one blogger (not a knitting blogger I'm sure). Cara has the links, if you are interested go read it. So far I have been lucky and besides a few spam comments, I've got only nice ones. Thank you all! Even if I would get some nasty ones and would delete them, it would sting and made me feel bad about myself. I'm blogging because I like to show my knitting projects, my dogs and stuff I love and like. Enough said.


nicole said...

I like your blog and I like you - no mean comments from me. And that has nothing to do with the fact that you were the first to knit my free pattern!

Great sewing! Looks just like my "professional" sock bag - with more crazy fabric, I mean.

Sue J. said...

Nice, nice bags. You certainly are a well rounded, accomplished crafter/sewer. Wish I had all those skills. I blog for the same reasons. So far, only friendly charming comments and people.

sgeddes said...

The bags are great. I owuld think there is nothing wrong with gifting a prototype; esp[ecially if you are happy with the outcome.

The doggie and kittie print is too cute.

meg said...

cute bags.

i personally love friday the 13ths but i can remember one really scary one when i was in third grade and peer of mine ran into the metal jungle gym and busted his nose wide open and then that same afternoon i witnessed a motorcycle accident and we got out to help. ick! i'm surprised that didn't freak me out for life!!!

Devonshire said...

I love the fabric and the bags look great!! That is such a great idea - a sock project bag. Currently I use a ziploc which is really not a great idea for double point needles! LOL I'll have to check through my fabric for a good pattern to try to make some of my own sock bags (as long as you don't mind a bit of copying). Speaking of sock knitting, can you maybe tell me how to k1, p1, k1 all in the same stitch?

Mariella said...

Great bags and love the fabric!
I know what you mean about getting back into sewing. When I stay away from my machine for awhile, I forget how to thread it - so back to the instruction book. And I need a new machine - mine being 35 years old - but those new ones have too many bells and whistles for this old gal:)

Tracy said...

First of all...Friday the 13th couldn't be a better day, especially when it is in April! Bart (my second son, third child) was born on April 13th, a Friday in 1984!!!! :-) Could explain a few things about him, but then again he's my son and that could explain soooo much more!! LOL

Second..Dang Woman you're getting to be just as ADD with your fiber work as I am! LOL Love the bags, you can never have too many. They will make lovely UFO bags, that's what the majority of mine do. ;-) Then again, your are always so quick with your socks they would never see the inside of an UFO bag! LOL

Oh that reminds me...wasn't it your blog (some time ago) that asked how we store our yarns and UFO's? I remember writing an incredibly long comment and then lost it when I tried to post it. (it was pro'bly one of my first comments ever on a blog totally my fault)

I know exactly the frustration you're having with the new machine. Personally I don't like the new machines with all the bells and whistles. Give me an "iron horse" from the early 60's late 50's and I'm in heaven. All I need in a machine is a straight stitch, reverse is nice but not necessary. :-)

Hannah said...

Delurking here to comment - yeah, I read Cara's post, too. I've enjoyed reading your postings, seeing the creative things you've done, etc...And even though I'm a cat person, dogs are fun to see, too! :-)
Thanks, Hannah

hakucho said...

Your bags are wonderful! I think I know exactly how you feel...I can sew, but do I enjoy it in the same way I enjoy knitting...NO ;)

Have a wondeful weekend ( and happy Friday the 13th) and happy knitting:)

Kathy said...

Those bags are darling. I bet you could sell them on Etsy.

As for the whole blogging discussion: I just don't get all the hullabaloo. I blog for myself. It's kind of a journal of my knitting and the pictures I take. The fact that 'met' so many people because of my blog is a bonus.

However, I keep a lot of personal details about myself out of the blog. Both to avoid people picking at me and also because I'm paranoid.

NancyMaria said...

I think your bags are fabulous!!
It's been awhile since I've sewn, too. You make me feel I can be just as courageous as you and just "go for it"!!!

Dipsy said...

I hope Friday the 13th went well for you? It certainly did for me ;)
Your bags are absolutely gorgeous, I so love their style and the colours - beautiful!
As for this nasty comments thing - I'm really glad that I haven't received any nasty or stupid or means ones so far - but seeing that quite a couple of people read my blog, there's always this underlying fear that it will happen one day. I can't for the life of me understand such people - I mean, if I don't like a blog, its owner or the work people doing, why bother reading that particular blog? This just goes to show that there's - unfortunately - people out there who have nothing better to do than thinking all day long how to make others' lifes miserable - and this stinks big time!