Friday, April 20, 2007

And yet another sock ....

Just a quick one, before the weekend takes over. I've started another pair of socks last night. I didn't want to, but I gave in. I have so many other projects in mind, but it looks like I've got to do this first. Sock knitting is number 1 relaxing time. Nothing better! I'm using sweet georgia yarns in "English Bay".
It's totally gorgeous weather today, I was outside a lot and will be over the weekend. After the snow and rain, now we can finally get started cleaning up the garden. Hot weather makes me thirsty. That's fresh squeezed grapefruit and orange juice. I don't drink it often, but I hate the stuff which comes in cartons. I'd rather have nothing.

I've also come full circle as knitting heels are concerned. I've knit the heel I used to knit for socks. The way I learned it as a child. I like it a lot, and since I graft the toes now, there's no reason to use something else, for cuff down socks. No holes anywhere, and fun, at least until something else comes along.

Sam gets quite lazy in the sunshine.

I was wondering how long it would take Biko to jump into the pool, since we opened it yesterday. Well, she was swimming like a beaver already. First she threw in the tennis ball, to check out what's going on, after the third time, she just jumped in. The water is still freezing cold! Well then, have a nice weekend!
That's last years picture. She looked the same today, but the temperatures are way lower. Wet dog is wet dog, and smelly dog!


Kathy said...

Oh, my Samantha wishes she could come swim with Biko. She loves to swim and I don't have a pool.

I really like that new sock. The yarn is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Can you use the pool if Sam & Biko use it? One of my dogs (Bergen) would join in and the other would absolutely not. And Bergen sheds lots; actually they both do.
Isn't the weather great!

Sue J. said...

Beautiful new socks. Wolfie would love to dive in with Biko. He's never been swimming before even though he is a retriever. Are the socks another new pattern of yours? Sure hope so.

Dipsy said...

Woah - you're certainly the queen of speed knitters! These socks are going to look so awesome!
My gosh, I think I'll have to be a bit jealous on your pool - I'd so love to have one here too to just jump in with these crazy temps we've been having!

Tanja said...

... da verwöhnst Du uns ja mal wieder mit Fotos :-))

Die Wolle für Dein Sockenprojekt ist superschön und so werden auch Deine Söckchen!

Und die Fotos von Sam... herrlich :-))

Liebe Grüße

Sophia said...

Wow, nice socks; and the colors totally match your pool! I really like that picot edge and the lace bit in the middle; could you please tell me what pattern that isko?

Strickfimmel said...

Das werden bestimmt "Gute Laune Socken" und ähnelt der Farbe von Deinem Pool. Sie ist so richtig frühlinghaft. Der weiße Streifen Lochmuster gefällt mir sehr gut und passt prima zu dem Garn. Und die Doggie Fotos sind wie immer klasse.

hakucho said...

Your latest socks remind me of summer. That's a nice heel. I've got lots still to learn about socks!

Very nice life your dogs have! Enjoy the nice weather!

Happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely socks! What heel do you use?

Kelly said...

ohhh loving your new socks, they match the pool perfectly.
I'm wondering though why your getting nice weather and we've had rain rain rain all dang weekend :( Send some my way will ya.
The pool is perfect for Mr. Sam to have a cool down in :)