Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I blame the construction company!

I could kick myself! I did some very stupid things today. I blame it on the construction going on in front of our house/street. Work started before 7AM with jack hammer and trucks driving backwards, if you could go by the peep, peep, peep. Thank god they are done now!
Well and not enough sleep might have played a role in my stupidness as well, or because it's the 19th of the month? Who knows?

To bring you gently closer to my most stupid thing done ever, I present you this (f)ugly dyed yarn. It's unbelievable how this turned out. It could not have been worse. Shake your head and look away in disgust! I can't, it's like I have to stare at it, most of the day anyway. It actually grows on you, or is it that one simply gets used to ugliness as well? I'm still going to use it and knit the intended socks with it and if it's at all possible throw the socks in another color bath afterwards. I've used Cool Aid (first time). I've presoaked the yarn, squeezed it and let it gently glide into the first of two bath. It took all of a second, you could see it sucking up the color the instant it hit the bloody red liquid; very uneven and only clear water was left. Into the second bath it went, stewing for a while. Would you believe it took only two colors to make this??? I'm amazed that I was surprised by the result. What was I thinking? At all? I'm usually good with colors. Not that I studied them, I just go by feel and I like surprising effects. Well, enough said. I came to the conclusion, dyeing is best left to the professionals. Still, I'll be doing it again and hopefully with a more pleasant outcome. On to my BIG mistake!
Sob... you know what I did? I'm ashamed to admit it, I did a three needle bind off with my lace scarf!!! Well, that bit me in the butt.

How should I have known? It's my first lace project. I was so happy to have finally knit the last stitch today. I've knit the border lace some time ago, so I would know better how much yarn was left for the main body. So, there I was binding off very loosely, whistling along to Dean Martin's "Sway with me". Horror of all horrors, as soon as I was done, I knew I had made a big mistake. It would not stretch a tiny bit, nothing. First I've tried to undo it stitch by stitch, but soon it was apparent, that I'd have to be careful to get the main body stitches first and forget about the border lace. I'll have to rip it and knit it again. Even now I'm not sure I've got all the stitches. I don't dare to look yet. It's going to rest for a few days until I get the nerve up to have a closer look. Sob. I'd like to throw it into the garbage, but of course wont do it. So many hours of working "air" as my son said to me today. "I don't understand how you like doing that. You are knitting air." (or something to that effect). Sob.

The following mistake is to relax again, after the big catastrophe. Last night I gave in to the urge to knit socks. I've cast on Cat Bordhi's "Flow Motion" socks from Vogueknitting Fall 2006. I absolutely love the construction. It's knit on US # 6 needles, but I substituted the yarn. The row gauge was off and that means the sock got too long in the foot. It was meant for a size 9 foot, but turned out to be even too large for my feet. On the left you can see the ripped out wool, on the right is where the sock is now (and was last night close to midnight). The only thing which bothers me with this pattern is, that you can't (for a long time) memorize the pattern, that's me anyway. You have to keep looking at the pattern directions which are written row by row. Of course in the magazine they are Princess-pretty as they call it, and mine look more like peasant foot wear. It's the color (coffee bean by sweet Georgia) and the thickness. It's soft and quite lovely actually. I'll need another 2-3 pattern repeats before binding off. I love those socks already and will be making at least one other pair.

Anyway, it's late again. I'm tired and wont touch any knitting anymore tonight. This was not my day. Sob.


Violiknit said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad day (I hate those peep peeps!) :( Some days are just crappy like that and then it's best to put everything away, have a drink and then sleep on it. I think the colors you dyed are pretty cool; if you don't like them, it's as you say; they can be overdyed. Or you could pair the yarn with a solid color and make funky fair-isle socks! I admire you so much for your lace knitting skills; I'm too afraid to tackle that stuff yet (this has not stopped me from stashing tons of lace yarn, however). Feel better soon, and don't let it all get to you!

Kathy said...

I don't think that dyed yarn is fugly at all! Have you tried knitting with it? I think it would knit up quite lovely.

saleknitter said...

FYI...Cat Bordhi posted some corrections to this pattern on her News page. See link:


Good Luck!

Martina said...

I actually like the dyed yarn! Have a better day today!

judith said...

Du Ärmste, das war wirklich nicht dein Tag!! Aber vielleicht sieht die Wolle verstrickt viel besser aus!

Pat said...

You never know with dyed yarn - it's always a surprise to see how it knits up.
Looks like a major surgical repair on the lace. Not easy to pick up stitches with that Alpaca Cloud - I learned the hard way too!
I also want to try Cat Bordhi's socks and a couple of others out of Vogue Fall - there were some fun sock patterns in there.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

i would wear socks out of that yarn... don't be so hard on yourself!

Melissa said...

I like the yarn!
Hope the road stuff gives you a break soon

Abigale said...

Oh Monika - I've had days like that too! Hugs! It does get better, and your knitting mojo will return bigger and badder then ever!

I also think that the yarn you dyed will turn into a very cool pair of socks! And if it helps any at all - my one and only pair of Kool Aid dyed socks faded out on me big time! Though some people say that theirs stay good and colour fast. If it all comes out horribly wrong you can fix it by overdyeing.