Sunday, September 17, 2006


I can't tell you for how long I've been wanting to make myself some wrist warmers. I don't like the bulky ones.
On the left you see my first pair, nothing special, except they are made with angora wool and the yarn is selfdyed. You can see the halo going on. They are like heating pads, unbelievable warm. I've used up all of the 50g ball I've got from my OneSkein secret pal. They will come in handy once it gets cold, I love them. Hannah is modeling them for me.

Sam was so good to model the rainy day scarf. Finally done! It was not raining that day, but cloudy and dreary. The specifics for this scarf: yarn: Valley Yarns: Kangaroo Dyer, color: Night Sky, 50% Alpaca 50% wool, 250g/350yds on 5mm needles, the pattern is from "yarn demon", size: 4.5"X79" unblocked. I will not block it. It draws in quite a bit. At first I wanted to use up all the yarn, but the scarf got long enough and I had a little left over. So I made this little wallet sized thingy. Just playing around and having fun. I love this kind of blue (actually several hues of blue).

I've lined it with fabric, leftover from my quilting and sewing days. The button is from my visit to the Kitchener Fair.
Last night I started and finished these fingerless mittens. Would you believe it that I took time to get gauge? I wanted them to fit well. With a little math I figured it out. Looking through the blue Barbara Walker book I found this old German stitch pattern called "Fuchsia". This draws in a lot as you can see on the small picture. You would not believe they could fit, but they do.

I've used Filati Corallina Merino extrafine, not even one ball. On 3.25mm needles, it's a 12 row repeat. This yarn is springy, if you pull it, it pounces back. Funny feel to it too! Anyway, I love the color, that's just my kind of green, warm and juicy and they fit perfectly.
It seems I'll do anything to avoid to continue knitting on my "Bedbugs" lacey scarf, although it's grown a little. I'm not sure I'm ready for lace weight yarn yet. Although I'm enjoying it very much, I can't get over it how long it takes to finish something!

I've done 13 pattern repeats of the main lace part (and the beginning lace part). It's a 20 rows repeat, so I've done 282 rows X 65 sts = 18330 sts so far! I think it's a little over halfway done.

Since I've finished some things, I have the wildest urge to cast on some socks. I have so many nice sock yarns, it's hard to choose from, but I have to be strong. I still have to finish the vest for myself, I've got still 2 blankets waiting to be done, the lace scarf over there. I'd like to make some Christmas gifts (6 pair of socks, 2 lace shawls (HaHa), 2 hats, fingerless mittens) but I'm not going to make myself crazy if I can't do it.


judith said...

Da warst du ja ganz schön fleißig!!
Und sooo schöne Sachen!
Das Muster auf dem Handrücken der grünen Handschuhe sieht klasse aus, darf ich mir die Idee mal klauen?

liebe Grüße

wavybrains said...

They all look amazing. I agree, lace weight is quite the change when you are used to worsted.

Anonymous said...

Love the handwarmers I think angora is perfect for them! Hopefully you will get your one skein gift soon. I sent it last week....

Martina said...

I like it all! I like the variations on the handwarmers! The model shot for the scarf is stunning!

Pat said...

WOW!! Have you been busy! I love that little "wallet thingy" - you are so creative.
Hey you know what - your alpaca cloud scarf looks very similar to mine - I think I like yours better. I'm going to be mad if you get the same thing without doing those K7tog stitches!!!

Beverly said...

The handwarmers you designed are lovely. The payoff for lace is in the blocking. It looks beautiful on the needles and will be twice as beautiful off and blocked.

Dipsy D. said...

I'm so totally impressed by the beautiful work you're doing! And you're such a speedy knitter, that's amazing! I so love everything you did, especially your fingerless gloves, both of them actually - the first pair looks so soft and warm and cozy, and the second one is just stunning with this great pattern!
Sam totally rocks, what a fantastic model he is - the scarf is so beautiful too!

Carrie K said...

Your fingerless mitts look great! Along with your Rainy Day Scarf and the wrist warmers. That wallet is darling.

Doesn't lace take forever? So very pretty, but so very long.

Heike said...

Hallo Monika,
die grünen Handschuhe sind richtig toll geworden und grün ist sowieso meine Bevorzugte Farbe
Sam trägt den Schal wieder mit Würde! Normalerweise sehen Hunde mit "Kleidung" einfach lächerlich aus und ich mag das garnicht.
Aber Sam ist einfach ein Supermodel!!!

LG Heike

Stephanie said...

Your angora wrist warmers are beautiful! They look warm and fuzzy, perfect for autumn.