Friday, November 23, 2012

Handspun Friday - Metro

The fiber is from Greenwood Fiberworks Fiber Club June 2012. It's 4oz Polwarth. I wish I had more of it, but oh well. Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club June2012-Metro-Polwarth-4oz

I wanted to use my hand carders, and decided to rip the braid into pieces, like this: the color runs were a little short.

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club June2012-Metro-Polwarth-4oz-1

Then I arranged the pieces into color groups, and hand carded them.

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club June2012-Metro-Polwarth-4oz-5

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club June2012-Metro-Polwarth-4oz-4

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club June2012-Metro-Polwarth-4oz-3

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club June2012-Metro-Polwarth-4oz-2

The resulting yarn, which I spun semi woolen, and chain plied, looked like this.

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club June2012-Metro-Polwarth-4oz-185yds chain plied-1

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club June2012-Metro-Polwarth-4oz-185yds chain plied-6

When Kelly asked me to test knit her new hat pattern - Stormont, I grabbed my Metro yarn and knit it right away:
Metro yarn - Stormont hat by Kelly Ashfield

What a lovely design! Unfortunately, it didn't use up all my yarn, and I wanted to use it all in one project, so I ripped it back to the prim, used that and just kept knitting, until almost all the yarn was gone.

handspun Metro hat

And that's the story of "Metro".

handspun Metro hat

handspun Metro hat

handspun Metro hat

♥ ♥ ♥


momsue84 said...

Gorgeous yarn, and I love the hats! The new design is in my cart on Rav!

Sharon V said...

I love polwarth and your fiber was gorgeous carded and spun up. I'm terrible at carding, by the way. I like the hat, too.

Alice said...

I love your new hat! It is very cool :O)

Linda said...

Great work; lovely yarn.

Wanderingcatstudio said...


Walden said...

Absolutely love how the yarn ended up turning out! You are making me want carders.

Bobbie said...

Such a beautiful yarn - the hat really showcases it too!

2paw said...

I love the way you organised the colours to make the wool and that is such a fun hat!!!