Monday, August 15, 2011

Fortnight I, II & III

Fortnight I, II & III

As soon as I saw this beanie hat on Ravelry, I wanted to make one too, or more. Actually, I was going to make a whole gaggle of it, but after three I needed a break.

Fortnight I, II & III

The pattern is Fortnight by Jared Flood.
The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.
Needles used 5mm. I've knit the first one on a circular needle until I had to switch to DP's. But the next two were knit on DP's from the start. It was easier on my hands. The 16" circs are just so uncomfortable to hold.

Fortnight I, II & III

This is a hat a day pattern, very easy, and fast to knit. It comes in three sizes, but size S is definitely for children. I needed to use 5mm needles, to get an adult size, but I would have been more happy with smaller needles. I might try this pattern again with a different yarn.

Fortnight I, II & III

I love the contrasting cast on row, which is of course optional. The read one was the first one knit. It's size M but without the ear flap short rows. The color is Long Johns, but it's a little darker in real.
The second is size L, but with ear flap short rows, in the color Thistle.
The third is size L again, with ear flaps, in the color Faded Quilt.

Fortnight I, II & III

I DO like the colors A LOT, but I don't like the yarn itself. I've knit with it before, and probably said so before, but I don't like woolen spun yarns. They are so airy. These hats are so light, and I'm afraid, if there's real cold, and windy weather, they'll be blown off your head. They are good for Fall and Spring though. The yarn is also not the softest, and has a lot of veggie matter in it.
I'm trying to get it all out of my stash, and will not be buying any more of it. I've got one whole skein left, and several left overs pieces.

I guess my Fall/Christmas knitting has begun.



momsue84 said...

Love the hats! Thanks for your review of Shelter. I've been holding off purchasing some, and I'm glad I did.

CelticCastOn said...

I just ordered some shelter for a big project last week, hopefully i'll like it.
Great colour combo's on your hats!

Mr. Puffy said...

Seeing your pretty hats makes me smile :) I love the contrasting trim detail too. Funny, I like spun wool for exactly that reason - it's so light and airy. BTW I also prefer to knit hats on DPNs for same reason.

April said...

Nice hats! I love the colors and I can definitely see why you knit 3 of them. The different color cast on row is also pretty cool.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cute hats!
I'm waiting for Mom to figure out the sock machine - that will be my Christmas knitting!

Beverly said...

I love these hats. Your color choices are great. I'm adding these to the Christmas list.

Virginia said...

I just had a long discussion about how much I dislike woolen spun yarns today.

Anyway, LOVE the hats! They look lovely. The colors are fantastic.

Sharon V said...

Your hats are very cool looking! The colors are great, but I'm glad to know in advance that the yarn is lightweight and not so soft. Thanks for the heads up.

Around here, in the wintertime, we need no-nonsense hats that keep the cold out.

adriene said...

I'm on the fence about woolen spun yarns. They seem so light and lovely in the skein, and you think, "Ooo, hat! Blanket! Warm things!" Really, a winter in Manitoba will tell you, "No way!" Maybe they're ok for indoor sweaters, but certainly not for outdoors. Those hats are fantastic, though! I want to make a pile myself!

Kathy said...

It's funny your thoughts on Shelter. I heard such rav reviews about the yarn and was super excited when I was at a store that carried it and then... bleh... I did not like the scratchy feeling and while the colors are awesome, the price tag is not. It didn't seem worth the money and I've not bought any. And I like rustic, veggie-matter yarn, but not this one.

2paw said...

Gorgeous hats, is that garter stitch in the round? You are very dedicated!!!

Susi R. said...

Superschön - und bestimmt schnell gestrickt :).

LG Susi