Monday, June 15, 2009

Lace Doily Crochet Bag

I don't like Mondays, especially this one. DH is leaving again, which also brings the baking streak to an end, which is good for all of us. Besides cooking and baking and ironing, I still found time to knit, but crochet even more. There's a line up for FO's to be shown, but my latest FO is jumping the line, just because I'm so happy about it!

lace doily crochet bag

I saw this bag Birgit made from some cotton yarn. I remembered having some of this yarn in my stash, but a different colorway. I was going to make a shawl with it, but the idea of a bag was more tempting. I've got the yarn from Melanie. She's got more colorways to choose from now than back when I ordered my yarn. Still I like this one a lot, it reminds me of faded Jeans.

lace doily crochet bag-1

While looking for something in the closet, I found those bamboo handles I bought at a going out of business sale back when. I think I had a fabric bag in mind for those.

I like how single crochet looks as a fabric the best and it's more stable as well. I'm regretting that I used dc for the base, it's way more stretchy. Also I had the bright idea to make a bobble round after the base was finished and before the main body started, should have ripped it out again, but it's too late now. Since there was no pattern to follow it's a wonder it turned out the way it did. I had some trouble with the lining (at the bottom). I sewed it on by hand, which I love to do. Sewing by hand is the second most relaxing thing to do, besides knitting socks.
I inserted a stiff base, for which I made a fabric pouch where I inserted it. I can take it out if I want to, the bag would be a lot more floppy, but at the moment I'm O.K. with how it looks.

lace doily crochet bag-6

Sewing on the handles turned out just right. I had to redo the flap which goes over the bamboo a couple of times, the first time it was not wide enough.

Before lining and putting on the handles it was screaming for embellishments. At first I thought crocheting flowers, but I'm really not THAT kind of girl. I find them cute, yes, nice too, but I would not like to walk around with a bag like that.
I was thinking of some patchwork, playing with fabric, which was more like something I would do. In the end I was excited to be able to combine my love of knitting lace with crochet, and some sewing.

The doily pattern can be found in the book " Knitted Lace" by Sonja Esbensen and Anna Rasmussen. It's design "Kaya" on page 45. I also love it when I get to make things out of books I own!
I've used Royal Classic Crochet Thread size 10 with 1.5mm needles!!! That was the first time I used needles so thin. The beginning was a big PIA! After a few tries I grabbed a crochet hook and cast on this way. It's only 6 stitches in the beginning! Anyway I did it, although I lost track of where the round began, when I did the final three crochet rounds, I just couldn't see it. Now, that it's on the bag it's very obvious, but oh well.

Lace Doily Crochet Bag

What else can I say about my bag? As soon as it was done, I was itching to start another one. I still have some of this yarn left. I might get to it soon, but for now, I'm working on the second sock of a twisted stitch pair (slow going), and I don't know if I've mentioned it here, I've cast on for a cardi for myself. It's the garter yoke cardi, which I made for Hannah already. It's slow going too. But that's for another post.
Besides that, I'm waiting for another pattern of Bea's to test knit her new socks. I've already picked out the yarn I'm going to use.


momsue84 said...

Love the bag!!! I used to crochet doilies all the time before I started knitting, again. Seeing your bag gives me the itch.

herta said...

Hallo Monika,
die Tasche sieht ja toll aus...da bekomme ich doch glatt wieder Lust meine "Kunsststricksachen" hervor zu nehmen. Garne hätte ich ja genug.
Ich war in Wien beim "wwwpik"Tag dabei..einfach super.
eine schöne Woche

shannon said...

wow! i love how the bag "fades" as it gets to the top. very cool! and that doily! my friend was crocheting one last night, with thread...


Hege said...

I love your bag!!

GoldenTracks said...

How creative is that! Love the bag, Monika!

yogiela said...

Hallo Monika!
diese Tasche hast du echt toll gestaltet.
die Form ist dir gut gelungen, und mit dem passenden Innenfutter wirklich schön,
weit entfernte Grüße Elfi

Renata S. P. said...

What a beautiful project!! I love this bag =D

Sharon V said...

Your bag is lovely! You have such creative ideas!

I plan to make the garter yoke cardi also, but I sent away for fiber to spin for the sweater, but after my lace spinning FAILURE, I'm scared!

Anonymous said...

I love the lining on the bag. I'm a fan of red with blue. Are you having any trouble with the doily staying on the bag and not catching anything?

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

It's stunning! What a stylish accessory bag. Really interesting about the crochet and the single versus the double stitch. I am intimidated by crochet but would like to know how. Wish I had a close LYS so I could take a few classes.

It's really so well done, as all your projects are. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Tina said...

This bag is stunning. The colours look so good together. The blue bag for itself is great, I love that colour, the doily is great and I think they make each other even look better. The fabric you used for the fabric is a nice one, too, goes perfectly with the doily. Great work!

Carrie K said...

Wow, impressive. The bag is gorgeous and I just love all the elments you brought to it. Plus using a pattern from a book you own. I so need to do that more often.

No baking just because the DH is gone? Aww. Hope he's back soon.

Beverly said...

Lovely bag. I haven't knitted doilies only crocheted. May have to get this book. Your doilies are beautiful.

Kris said...

Wow the bag turned out awesome! I clicked through to the sock pattern you are testing and got another wow, nice pattern.

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!! You are SO talented! Perfect match between the lining and the doily! Wow!

hannah said...

This bag is gorgeous!!! I love how the doily and the fabric are chosen. Well done Monika!

2paw said...

Your bag is absolutely gorgeous, I love the faded denim look and the crocheted doily is absolutely perfect and the lining just takes the cake!!!

hakucho said...

Your bag is the embellishment :)

Aud said...

Super, gefällt mir sehr und werde ich mir merken :-)

Grüße aus Colonia