Monday, November 05, 2007

WIP's, what WIP's?

Dumb summertime! Yawn! Sam doesn't understand that it's over. He woke me up early, even if it still was summer time, but it isn't anymore. He has ways to get me out of bed, mainly by waking up my hubby, which he knows I don't like. I AM a morning person, but sometimes, I'd like to at least stay in bed until 6 AM. Sigh. I wish we would not change the time at all.

The following FO was my oldest WIP in my knitting basket, steady but slowly I added row after row, until I finally ran out of yarn. This was very hard to photograph, in fact this is the only picture worth showing at all. As much as I loved the design, I'm glad it's done. Since starting this project I started and finished 22 others, so I never got to memorize this stitch pattern. I had to look at the print out especially for the edge part, which it makes this scarf so lovely.

pattern: Theresa of Knituition, link on the side bar

yarn: Rowan wool cotton, 50/50%, 50g 123 yds, 5 balls (this was yarn I got from Karen)

needle: 4mm

size after blocking: 14" x 80"

start-finish: August-November 2007

Although I LOVE the pattern and liked knitting with Rowan wool cotton very much, I think it was a poor choice combining those two.

No sooner had I pushed in the last pin to block the scarf (I found a dropped stitch by the way, had to fix that), had I cast on for my next project. By the way, I was not even WIPless for a minute. Had cleared all the "old" stuff off my plate, when several others where already waiting in line. Funny thing though, those are not projects, which I had been longingly waiting to cast on for at all, oh no. These are all new ones:

Here's the Yuletomten in progress:

The next one was totally unexpected, but very welcome: Mona Schmidt of Knit Stricken! brought forth the November Mystery Socks, which I started and finished the first clue off. This doesn't really count, because I have to wait in between for new clues, so I'm free to do other stuff. I just know that this mystery sock will be wonderful, as I like all her designs. Thanks to Pat who had a link on her blog, I found out all about it. Oh, and I'm using Jojoland Melody for these socks. Honestly this yarn is bugging me quite a lot. It splits so easily, and it's quite harsh. I know from former experience, that it softens a little with a bath, but you have to suffer through it, while knitting. Hope the color turns out nice.

And there's Ripples socks designed by Anni Design for the Sockamania Club KAL, the November design. I didn't knit any socks in October, and felt quite sock starved. These I can knit on until they are done. I'm using Trekking XXL from stash for these.

So you see, even clearing out all WIP's doesn't help, when the knitting basket gets filled up again so quickly. Sigh. It never stops, it never ends, isn't it wonderful! ;o)


Micky said...

I start way more than I finish. But I have fun doing it, so I guess that's what matters.

You finished 22? I tend to start really big projects, so takes me much longer. That and I always jump into other things at the same time.
Lovely scarf.

Yarn Devil said...

Your scarf looks beautiful. Your socks look like fun!!! I hope you enjoy them fully in the aftermath of scarf. I love socks, and am not a fan of knitting scarves...(I always enjoy the project after a scarf far more than the battle of trying to keep motivated to knit the scarf!)

La Cabeza Grande said...

I think the scarf is quite beautiful! Thanks for the link. Just one question, though: what was it about the combination of pattern and yarn that left you less than satisfied with the finished product?

picperfic said...

I love all your photos in this post! I am having the same trouble with peace fleece but I have been told it softens in the wash...

Teresa said...

I think your scarf is gorgeous! :D I'm so happy that you liked the pattern. I don't think I ever memorized the pattern (of course with two kids running around, I'm surprised if I even get to think :D).

22 FO?!?! You want to finish some of mine?! :D That's remarkable though! Now you're inspiring me to get motivated to take on those 3 knitting projects I need done by christmas!

Kirsten said...

The scarf is gorgeous!
Ah, the freedom of being able to create new WIPs!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

As always, full of lovely inspirational pictures and ideas. I wish I had the time to do everything I saw and liked! I like the scarf color - I'm going through a pink/mauve period.

sgeddes said...

The scarf looks fantastic. But I love the colors of those socks. I really like the pattern of the yellow one. Seems to be coming along nicely.

Anonymous said...

WOW - you are on a roll! Don't you just love it when there are a whole bunch of new projects on your needles? I think the Jojoland melody is a beautiful color and will be perfect for these socks (of course I have no idea what they will look like, but still!)
The red lace scarf is gorgeous!

Debi said...

I'm DYING to cast on the Mystery Sock but I must finish the Caramel Apple Flowers first...they need 100% attention!

I quite like the scarf, the color is gorgeous and you know me and orange...I love love love that Trekking!

Cloudberry said...

Tha scarf is beautiful!
And your socks will be great, can't wait to see them done ;)

Heike said...

Hallo Moni,

wow - ich darf garnicht mehr auf Deine Seite gehen, denn dann könnte ich sofort was Neues beginnen!!
Dein Schal ist ein Traum - Muster und Farbe passen wunderbar zusammen.

Viele Grüsse von Heike und Wilma (hihi - bald mehr!)

Anonymous said...

The ripple socks are so cute! But Theresa is really gorgeous.

Sam should be waking you up an hour later, the clock walked backwards. I love that when I wake up now, it's 6:30 instead of 7:30 the way it was last week. So much more time in the morning.

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

Even if it was from August to November that's less than 6 months! look at all those socks!

Brenda said...

Beautiful scarf! The edging is really pretty and I love the color.

Nice new WIPs too.

hakucho said...

I must say your scarf is beautiful ...shame on you Monika for taking so long in finishing it...just kidding :)'s just not at all like are the fastest knitter I have ever know and you always knit such difficult patterns! I know sometimes we stumble upon a piece that just doesn't keep our interest quite to the level it should be, but I am glad you finished it, very pretty :)

Violiknit said...

I love the scarf! Amazing that you finished 22 projects in the meantime! Those socks are looking cute :)