Friday, January 19, 2007

I have some catching up to do!

Two of the winners have claimed their prizes. I'm still waiting for the third to contact me. This was really fun for me too.
I know Christmas has been over for some time now, but I have to show you, what Sybille sent me as a surprise Christmas present. Sorry, Sybille, not all the chocolate and candy made it to the foto shoot! When it comes to chocolate and candy from Europe, we are regular pigglets! I got a booklet of sock patterns and two older Sabrina Magazines, which are filled to the prim with great patterns! I almost love them all and that's not easy. Nowadays, I can find only one or two patterns in magazines which I like. These old ones are great! And with the sock pattern booklet there was also a ball of sock yarn! Thanks so much Sybille. Oh, by the way you have to check out her blog. She made a wonderful feather and fan shawl with leftover yarn! It's wonderful!

Some of my knitted items made it to California (as gifts my daughter gave to her friends)! On top there's Elizabeth Zimmermann's "snail hat".

Clara is wearing a "Diamond Blossom Scarf" by Iris Schreier. For Chris, I made socks for his spindly thin legs and large feet, as well as a wavy scarf in blue wool/alpaca blend.

On the left, Hannah is wearing the little red hat I made with self dyed yarn (she's got matching socks as well) and on the right she's sitting on a hill somewhere on California's coast, with the chevron scarf around her neck and some straw between her teeth!

All right then, thanks for sending me the pictures, folks! ;o)

And of course there has to be a picture of my two couch potatoes! Really, what could be more comfortable, then sitting in my single chair, knitting, drinking tea, listening to music and watching those two sleep! Oh, yeah, if it snowed gently, that would be perfect!


Pat said...

I love the modeled gift knits!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, those are some fabulous handknits. so generous of you to make so much for so many people. looks like they all love them!

those two look so content sitting there.

Anonymous said...

I love the couch potatoes, they look I have that same sock knitting booklet too. Bin auch von Deutschland aber mein Deutsch ist nicht mehr so gut weil ich es fast nie benutze. Anyway, love coming here and reading all your stuff and seeing pictures. I really do need to get this blog thing down and post some of my own as my blog gets neglected too much :(

hakucho said...

Love all your knitted gifts! Will be waiting to see the socks you'll knit with the new yarn!

happy knitting :)

Violiknit said...

Your daughter and her friends are so lucky to get such gorgeous handknits from you! Sam and Biko are so cute!

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

it's so good to see hannah again! i send my love her. the gifts are most definately gorgeous.

Marianne said...

Oh how I wish I could read German! Your friend has such a plentiful site, full of finished objects! Where are your children in California? I live in Northern CA myself. Happy Weekend, Marianne

Anonymous said...

What adorable couch potatoes!

We're supposed to get snow in Colorado tomorrow. Again. This will be five storms in five weeks. You're welcome to the snow. I'm tired of it. :)

Anonymous said...

When you can't sleep what do you do? Log on and check out knitting blogs. LOL! The contest was a lot of fun! That was so nice of you! Everyone looks great with their knitted gifts ~ know they were appreciated! Ahhh, the couch potatoes ~ they look all comfy. Yep, it doesn't get any better than that! Hugs from Sasha, Samson and Gabi to Sam and Biko.