Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So, what's going on ?

Well, this is what keeps me from casting on several other things. The Courthouse Step Blanket, started in June is now nearing the end. I don't hate it, really, but right now, I would rather look at something else, say this nice yarn.
This came in the mail today. Another B-day gift from my daughter. Don't you just love it, when your birthday's celebrated with gifts over the course of a month? This is Mountain Color Bearfoot (that's what it says on the label) color "moose creek". It's supposed to be a sock yarn, but I'll probably use it to make a scarf. It's got 350 yds of superwash wool/mohair/nylon. It's soft and I can stand it on my skin. God only knows when I will get to it though! I have a nice pattern in mind already! ;o)

My dad sent me a punch of sock blockers for my B-day as well. He was in kind of a hurry, so I have to finish them off myself. Very professional, I went to the Home Hardware store and let myself be helped. The guy wanted to know what's it for? Sock blockers of course. Blank look. Anyway, I hope we'll see some sun soon. I don't like working with wood with all the moist in the air.

So, last but not least, this guy thinks he's got "carte blanche" since he's an invalid right now. Wouldn't you know it, one, two , three and up he went on the sofa. Now, I find it hilarious when he sits there, but we never officially discussed him being up there like THAT! He didn't feel quite comfortable though. As soon as he heard David coming, he was on the floor again. Me laughing doesn't help at all! ;o)

He's recovering much better than expected. I'm so happy!


Debi said...

Sam is such a handsome boy, I'm glad he's doing so well!

And that bearfoot is lovely no matter where you put it :)

Dipsy D. said...

I'm so glad to hear that Sam is recovering so well - all the very best to him!
Beautiful yarn that you got - doing a scarf with it is a fantastic idea!

Pat said...

The blockers turned out GREAT! and boy that was fast....I can't wait to see a pair of socks on them!

My 2 favorite warm(thicker)socks are made from Mountain Colors Bearfoot - it is wonderful yarn and would make a really pretty scarf too - All of their colors are beautiful but "Moose Creek" colorway looks especially nice.
(the Courthouse Step blanket is mindboggling to me ...I can't believe you have knit all that!)