Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Celtic Waves Scarf

I really tried, but I couldn't stand Berroco's Ultra Alpaca around my throat, too scratchy (it's fine on my hands and the head). So, there will not be a matching scarf for my hat and mittens.

After all this knitting with wool, I was in the mood for some lace knitting again. I've got this wonderful Sea Silk (Hand Maiden) and am working on this celtic waves scarf (one skein). Although they are not "my" colors, I like it very much. It's very silky and drapey, but it smells funny (fishy?), not enough to bother me though.

My yarn stash is like a little yarn store. Whenever the fancy strikes and the mood dictates, I go and rustle through my bags and boxes and "shop" at LYS Monika. That's actually nice. I've calmed down now and don't have the urge to buy yarn so desperately anymore. Maybe it's the time of year too. Everything settles down and gets comfortable inside. Everything slows down, at least that's how it is with me.

I've also decided to read more. I used to read 3-5 books a week, but that was, when I didn't knit or do any other crafts. I love reading and I'd like to do more of it again.
I've already been to the library today to get a few books of the bestseller list. Reading is a lot cheaper than knitting, by the way! ;o) (unless you have to buy each and every book, but why would you?).

Today we made our yearly trip to "Brandt", a store where you can buy European products, which you can't get easily around here. It's a one hour drive there and we got stuck in morning rush hour, but we were not in a hurry. We usually buy Gingerbread cookies this time of year and lots more goodies we love. I've also got my beloved "Backerbsen", this is something you put in your clear soup, it's round and crispy (at first) but gets really soggy fast, but I just love it. I don't want to go there before Christmas again, so we stocked up on all the things we like.

There's still some gardening to do, I'm soooo tired of it. That's the con of having a house and garden. I'm also tired because I have to walk Sam now a lot more often, because his last leg which did not have surgery yet is acting up and he can't/shouldn't run around in the backyard. So we walk around the neighborhood, which is fine with him, but I've still got Biko to walk too. Anyway, we've got an appointment at the vet's for their yearly checkup next Monday. We'll see what's up with Sam, the poor guy! He's only 4 years old and full of energy and can't use it because of his gimpy legs. So, I'm going to go and stuff some more leaves in paper bags, what fun!


Melissa said...

The scarf looks great. Good luck with the doctor.

meg said...

that looks gorgeous. looks like it has a wonderful drape.

sorry to hear about sam. i hate knowing my pets are in pain or uncomfortable.

that european grocer sounds marvelous. makes me want to look around here for one.

Anonymous said...

I guess the implication is that you can't walk the dogs together. That's a problem. I also have two but walk them together. Good luck at the vet.
Gillian in Ottawa

helga said...

beautiful scarf!
hope the "fishy" disappears. i have some sea silk as well but haven't used it yet.
i am working hard on stuff for the fair.Nov.18th. come and say "hello" and shop.
which books are you reading? i'd love to get some more ideas.
yes, i used to read a lot as well, but knitting has taken over all my spare time.
good luck at the vet.!

Pat said...

Ooooo that is pretty yarn and a pretty scarf - maybe not your colors, but definitely my colors! I've never worked with sea silk, but it I want to try it soon.

Nicole said...

oooh, I love that scarf. The colors are incredible. Also, the snail hat below look pretty freaking cool too! I may have to get my hands on that pattern.

Stephanie said...

Ooooh, beautiful scarf. I have some seasilk in my stash I've been dying to knit. (All my gift knitting has been getting in the way of that.) The funny smell of the seasilk is probably the silk. When you wet the scarf, the smell will be more prominent, but don't worry because it will subside once dry again. With other silk garments, I usually find that after a couple/few washes the smell diminishes (though never really goes away entirely).

Knitting and reading and gardening... if only I could fit all those into a day! If only I had a garden. ;) Recently, I have decided I should take some time every day to read as well, starting with every Sherlock Holmes novel and short story. (I've read most before, but I love them.)

Best wishes with the vet - I hope the doc came make Sam a happy(happpier) doggy.