Monday, January 19, 2009

Good things are happening ...

The lovely Irene bestowed this award on me: Thank you!
I'm not sure I deserve it, but I'm very flattered, and grateful. Receiving this award is in sink with my intentions to start this year in a good, positive way, so I'll accept this award thankfully, and will do my best do find others I can award it to.

The Definition seems to be: “for those who bring unique and creative elements to their blogs. For those who incorporate art, music, creative writing, photo’s, and other beautiful visual effects into their website. For those who put a unique spin on things and come up with new ideas. This award is for the artsy, the funky, the inventor, and even the rebel. This award is for those creative individuals who stand out from the crowd.”

The rules are:
1. The winner must copy this Award to their own blog.
2. Link to the blog from whence you received the Award
3. Nominate a minimum of 7 other bloggers
4. Link to the nominated on your blog
5. Leave comment about the award on the nominated blogs.

My nominations are (in no particular order):

1. Fleegle's blog : she makes me laugh, she's got great humour, besides, she's a wonderful knitter, and story teller

2. Victor : he's a great knitter, and I love his photography, as well as his use of the wonderful Wollmeise yarns. :o)

3. Claudia of Mr. Puffy the Dog : I just feel comfortable reading her warm, fun, and interesting blog posts, as well as enjoy her photography, and wonderful knitting projects. She's also making it hard for me to stay on my diet, with her delicious recipes. :o)

4. Lynne : I've come across her blog once upon a time, and can't stop checking back. She's got her very own style, and I love reading it.

5. Marianne : being a photographer, her pictures are always wonderful to look at, but besides that, she's a great knitter, and has become a talented spinner as well. I love to read her family stories. She's contagious with her love for her new husband! :o)

6. Hannah : my friend from Holland. She takes wonderful pictures, and since she's got a new White German Shepherd puppy, I love them even more!

7. Knatolee : She makes me laugh with her stories of her furry friends, as well as the wild ones around her house. She's generally fun to read.

Since the title mentioned good "things" plural, there's one more thing I'm grateful for:

My dear friend Sybille, who vanished without a trace last July, has come back, and I'm so glad she's O.K. and knitting/blogging again!

I wonder when I will be able to show you my FO's of 2008 you haven't seen yet. I guess it will be my next post, but don't hold me to that promise, since I've broken it already! :o)

Now, I'll go and start digging myself out. We've got snow people, lots and lots of snow! Another good thing, since I happen to love snow. I don't have to go anywhere today, so I can take it easy, hopefully not getting a heart attack , while swinging the shovel. I DO have help from my DS David though.


Lynne said...

Thanks for the Kreativ Blogger award, much appreciate your interest.

Knatolee said...

Monica, thank you so much!! I am honoured. :) I am a big fan of your blog too, and glad to see you back.

Judy Boddy said...

So Glad your back Judy from Alaska

Roy said...

Aw, that's sweet! I don't think I will pass it on, though. Hope you don't mind!

MrPuffy said...

Thank you so much! You couldn't have said anything nicer ~ and I'm terribly honored that you thought of me :)

Anonymous said...

so well deserved!
i am so glad that you are back!!!
happy shoveling! i also love the snow so very much.

Carrie K said...

Congratulations! A well deserved blogger award. I've been enjoying visiting your choices for the awards too.

Now let's see the final FO's from O-Eight!

hakucho said...

Congratulations!! You certainly deserve it :)

hannah said...

What a lovely blogs you have chosen to give the award to. I feel very honoured you also gave me the award. But as I have told you already I am not very good at choosing only a few blogs. All my 'awardwinners' are mentioned in my sidebar of my blog.

Elemmaciltur said...

Thanks for the nomination! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this, but I have hardly been home enough to blog lately. I'll get to it soon though. :-)